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New Behringer



  New Behringer


You know the situation: your system is perfectly set up and carefully equalized. You've done everything possible to avoid problems. Then it happens: a mic too close to a speaker... ear-splitting feedback. Switch on a DSP1100P and you'll hear the difference immediately. Within fractions of a second, the FEEDBACK DESTROYER PRO's ingenious search algorithm locates feedback frequencies and sets extremely narrow, 1/60-octave filters, leaving the desired signal virtually untouched. The result: a rich, full sound without feedback. And without headaches.

No more feedback: two ways to skin the cat

The DSP1100P offers two methods of feedback suppression. In the "Single-Shot" mode, the filters are set once and remain active at their respective frequencies until manually reset. This mode is best used for equalizing PA systems and for stationary microphones. In the "Auto" mode, current feedback frequencies are assigned to up to 12 filters, which are automatically re-assigned when necessary. This is the best way to handle mic’s in motion. In both modes, the DSP1100P continuously monitors the mix, varying the filter bandwidth and/or attenuation as necessary. Can you name another unit that offers this kind of flexible adaptation of filter width and depth? http://www.behringer.com





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