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New Crown



 New Crown

Crown has unveiled the CE 4000, its highest-powered CE Series amplifier to date. The CE 4000 is suited for nightclub and DJ systems, regionally touring band PAs, A/V rental houses and fixed installations. The amp's high-power handling and efficiency also makes it attractive for subwoofer use.

"Two things really separate the CE 4000 from the rest of the pack Power Factor Correction and Crown's Balanced Current Amplifier," said Stephen Morris, Crown Audio amplifier product line manager. "This powerful combination has enabled the CE 4000 to be the most efficient amplifier that we have ever made. It is the epitome of efficiency and reliability as well as a peek into the future."

The CE 4000 incorporates the same Balanced Current Amplifier circuit design that Crown first implemented in its K Series amplifiers. Using a switching amplifier design rather than a linear amplifier design, the CE 4000's BCA topology delivers power while generating 1/10 of the heat of a conventional amplifier.

The CE 4000's use of Switch Mode power supply enables the amplifier to weigh only 34 pounds. The power supply also incorporates Power Factor Correction for global power compatibility regardless of line voltage.

The amplifier requires significantly less energy to deliver its power into any load, no matter how difficult. Built to provide reliable performance in even tough environments, the CE 4000 delivers a solid 1800 watts per channel (both channels driven) into 2 Ohms, 1200 watts into 4 Ohms and 600 watts into 8 Ohms.

Like the CE 1000 and 2000, the CE 4000 features front-panel level controls, useful function indicators, proportional fan-assisted cooling, short- circuit protection and a rugged 3U metal chassis. Input connections are made on Neutrik combo and barrier block, while outputs are Neutrik NL4 Speakons. Barrier block or five-way binding post connectors are available as options. Ordering Info: Crown Amplification




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