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Denon Electronics announces the launch of its top-of-the-line dual CD player for the professional DJ market—the DN-2600F. Offering many of the most popular features found on Denon’s DN-2500F and DN-2000F Mark 3 dual CD players, the DN-2600F is also equipped with numerous revolutionary ‘world’s first’ features.

For the first time ever, Denon brings ‘Hot Start’ to CD. The DN-2600F incorporates two Hot Starts per drive—perfect for instantaneously changing a track or Cue point at the touch of a button. The same Hot Start buttons can also be used to control the machine’s new ‘Stutter’ mode, which plays momentary audio as the buttons are pressed down and then recues to the original point when they are released.

An exciting new ‘Effector’ mode enables DJs to bring a whole new level of expression to their performances by offering fully customizable frequency filter, reverb and flanger effects. The latter two of these effects may be synced to the music’s beats per minute count via the Tap/BPM button, producing reverb decays and flange sweeps that coordinate perfectly with the tempo of the playback material.

A sample of up to 16 seconds may be written with the DN-2600F and played back at any time, even when the source CD has been removed. This sample can be played or looped in either forward or reverse direction. Pitch, output level and key adjustment functions can all also be used to manipulate the sampled sound.

The DN-2600F brings an impressive collection of turntable effects to the digital domain. A real-time ‘Digi-Scratch’ effect—similar to that on Denon’s previous SMX-2000 mixer—allows DJs to simulate the scratching of analog vinyl "on the fly". ‘Platter Start’ and ‘Platter Stop’ emulates the effect of starting and stopping playback on a turntable. Rotating the jog dial in ‘Platter Hold’ mode duplicates the sound of speeding up or slowing down a record by changing the player’s pitch control. Futhermore, a number of other popular Denon functions—including Brake effect, Key Control and Key Adjust—are all present, and controllable via the CD player’s jog dials. Pitch Bend may also be activated via the jog dials (±32%), as well as on dedicated buttons (±18%) and sliders.

Rotary Track Selector/Data Master knobs replace the ubiquitous number pads, enabling users to perform a wide variety of functions quickly and intuitively. The DN-2600F’s new jog dial/shuttle wheels are both larger and heavier than those found on Denon’s previous DJ CD players, affording smoother searching, scanning and effects controlling. Many of the machine’s buttons—including Cue, Play/Pause, Loop A1, A2 and B, and Open/Close—are now backlit to provide maximum visibility and ease of use in low light environments. The large fluorescent tube displays and numerous LEDs additionally furnish the DJ with a clear indication of the player’s status at a glance.

Laser bright blue LEDs flash over the disc holders while they open and close, as well as illuminate each of the trays when open.

The DN-2600F’s extensive Custom memory allows users to store Hot Starts, A-B Loop points and Pitch percents on up to 300 tracks for later recall.

Denon has taken its A-B Seamless Looping one step further by offering two completely independent loops per drive. The CD player also features Denon’s ‘Next Track Reserve’ function, which provides seamless track jumping.

Like the DN-2000F Mark 3, the DN-2600F provides ten seconds of ‘shock-proof’ memory per drive. This guards against audible interruptions due to external mechanical shocks such as bumps or other hard vibrations, which is especially helpful for the mobile DJ as well as for nightclub-installed applications.

Other notable features include: Fader Start; Pitch range of ±10% or ±16% adjustable in 0.1% steps; Auto Cue; Numerous playback modes (Program, Continuous, Single and Random Play); End Of Message; End Monitor; analog and digital (SPDIF) outputs; Frame Search of 1/75th a second; Sleep function; Auto Close; all-steel chassis and more.

The 3U remote control unit and 2U player unit together comprise the DN-2600F, which features a suggested US retail price of $1,650.00.


Denon Electronics proudly introduces its revolutionary DP-DJ150 and DP-DJ100—two new quartz synthesized direct drive turntables for the professional DJ market.

The Denon DP-DJ150, in particular, offers several groundbreaking features not found on other turntables on the market. The DJ-DP150 is equipped with a SPDIF coaxial digital output, which enables direct recording to a digital storage medium (MD, CD-R, DAT, hard disk, etc.) while preserving the highest sound quality. The digital signal is output at a constant 16 bits at 44.1 kHz regardless of rotation speed.

Another ‘world’s first’ feature on the DP-DJ150 is Denon’s unique ‘Key Adjust’, also found on the company’s DN-2600F dual CD player. This is the first time that a digital effect has ever been integrated into a turntable. When Line Out is selected, the turntable incorporates a built-in DSP to maintain a constant key even when rotation speed is altered. Furthermore, the DJ-DP150 also sports a built-in phono equalizer that permits it to be connected directly to an amplifier, sampler, MD recorder or other device that does not have a Phono Input jack.

Both the DP-DJ150 and DP-DJ100 utilize a bi-directional servo control direct drive motor with single-body construction to deliver an impressive start-up torque of 12.25 pounds per inch (2.2 kg/cm). This level of torque enables the turntable to quickly reach stable speed and allow ‘scratching’.

DJs may choose from three available RPM speeds—33-1/3, 45 and 78. Pitch can be continuously altered in a range of ±12% while maintaining a highly accurate rotation. A long stroke slide lever provides sufficient throw to make even the finest pitch adjustments.

The DP-DJ150 and DP-DJ100 each feature a built-in electronic ‘brake’ mechanism. A one-touch operation immediately activates the brake, which is automatically released when the turntable comes to a stop. Time required to stop the turntable on the DP-DJ150 can be selected from one of three options (Normal/Medium/Slowest), with two options provided on the DP-DJ100 (Normal/Medium).

  • Both the DP-DJ150 and DP-DJ100 feature numerous other amenities, including:

  • VTA adjustment range of 6mm on the S-shaped static balance tone arm to minimize vertical tracking errors
  • Pop-up target light to illuminate the stylus when cueing
  • Back-lit buttons on remote controller for easy operation in the dark (Pitch On/Off, 33/45 RPM, Brake On/Off and Key Adjust On/Off)
  • Soft disc slip sheet that will not damage the vinyl’s flipside when ‘scratching’
  • Detachable AC power cord and RCA cables for easy maintenance
  • Head shell to protect the cartridge


Denon’s suggested US retail price on the DP-DJ150 is $600, with the DP-DJ100 retailing for $500


Denon Electronics, a division of Denon Corporation (USA), is a leading manufacturer of electronics for professional audio, broadcast, multimedia and consumer audio markets with headquarters in Parsippany, NJ. http://www.denon.com




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