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Sell The Sizzle



  Sizzle At NAMM


It's seen in every facet of the entertainment industry. The DJ and music industry is not excluded from it. The proverbial sell the sizzle not the steak. If anyone at the NAMM show took that more seriously than the marketing team at Gemini Sound Products, we all would be in trouble. Last year it was the "Elevator Kitty Cage", a round stage that moved up into the air and back down, complete with a gogo dancer in hotpants.

Most popular booth at NAMM

This Year:

(Insert mission impossible theme here)
Your mission if you should choose to take it:

Get the fairly conservative NAMM officials to agree to let you place a hot tub full of beautiful girls in your booth.

Enter the Gemini marketing team. Hot tub? No, what we have here is an aquatic center and that is what the NAMM 2000 show application read for the Gemini booth, "aquatic center". Click Here For Larger View!Many of the girls brought in for the "aquatic center" were also the babes of the new Gemini 2000 calendar. When they were not sitting around the hot tub, they were signing calendars which just added to the frenzy of people. At one time, the autograph line snaked around the back of the 50 foot long booth with people waiting to get signatures. Ken Knotts, the official photographer for the new calendar, explained how he goes through many girls to get just the right ones that have the "look" Gemini wants. While all this is taking place on stage, we have a magician doing tricks that introduces a huge silver robot that is joined by dancing girls.

A Circus
Let's put it all together. We have a jungle/beach motif booth with six bikini clad girls, an eight man hot tub and bubbles (as in from a machine), a magician named Simon, dancing girls, a guy in all silver Lined up around the boothcalled Mr. Silver the Humanoid? It may sound like and look like a big circus to most, but with NAMM sales topping a million dollars, this circus' ring master, Alan Cabasso, president of Gemini Sound Products, is enjoying being in the spotlight.

Bernie Fryman, mid-west sales manager explains, "NAMM is a place to entertain and have a good time, it is a place Gemini likes to spice things up and sell the sizzle." In traveling the floors, there wasn't anyone that had not heard about or seen the Gemini booth.

Paul Rodgers in concert!

A Concert
How can you top off a day at the circus? How about a rock concert, complete with strange looking attendees dressed in some very outrageous outfits. If you could make it past the smoke and the ear deafening sound, (See note below) you might have been able to do a small amount of networking in the hallway. They could have done without the opening acts, but hey this is Hollywood... it's all or nothing. Things got a little bit more civil when rock legend Paul Rodgers from the classic group Bad Company took stage. You could actually understand what songs he was preforming and it was quite impressive. Ringing out classics like Feel like making love and Can't get enough, It made the evening worthwhile.

How does the NAMM dog and pony show translate into sales? Gemini currently manufacturers 65% of all DJ equipment in the World... think about it.

 NOTE: Q: Why is it some bands have to have it so frickin loud and DJs don't? A: Because DJs play the original music and bands don't want you to hear how bad they are at reproducing the original music!


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