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 MBT LIGHTING AND SOUND, a division of MBT INTERNATIONAL, introduces the CUPID, MINI DANCER and QUARTER MASTER effect lights. "We are constantly introducing new lighting effects to meet market demand," said Don Rhodes, vice president of business development for MBT INTERNATIONAL. "These lights provide three exciting ways to spice up light shows at an affordable price."

The CUPID (model ME2001) is the perfect lighting choice for DJs to use during slow love songs. The CUPID'S 25 colored lenses combine with two 50-watt lamps to shoot 50 multicolored beams across the room. The beams rotate back and forth, mimicking the romantic sway of a dancing couple. The CUPID'S compact, lightweight size and affordable price make it a great choice for the mobile DJ. The CUPID has a list price of $109.00

 The MINI DANCER (model ME2006) provides all the excitement of MBT LIGHTING & SOUND'S famous Double Dancer in a compact size. Sixteen colored lenses combine with two 300-watt bulbs to spread 32 multicolored beams across the room. The sound active MINI DANCER participates during the light show by moving its beams to the beat of the music. The MINI DANCER'S affordable price and lightweight size make this effect a welcome addition to the mobile DJ scene. The MINI DANCER has a list price of $149.00.

 The QUARTER MASTER (model ME2004) adds a touch of elegance to light shows. The effect light produces four large rotating beams reflecting off four dichroic colored mirrors. Each mirror is sound active and moves in synch to the music. The resulting effect is a majestic dance of four multicolored moonflower patterns moving toward and away from each other. The QUARTER MASTER has a retail price of $238.00.

 For more information about MBT LIGHTING AND SOUND or its parent company, MBT INTERNATIONAL, call (843) 763- 9083 or write P.O. Box 30819; Charleston, SC 29417.




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