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New Stanton



Stanton Magnetics

The new iTrack is definitely the most stylish cartridge around. These new Trackmaster Series cartridges come in three see-through iMac colors. Tangerine, Blueberry, and Strawberry. The iTrack's spherical stylus allows superior tracking and groove holding. The iTrack features a 7.0mV output. You'll be amazed at the deep bass and crystal clear treble reproduction of this cartridge.

Stanton enters the DJ electronics market

What's new in the world of Stanton? There's been a lot of buzz in the industry over the past few months about a new line of Stanton mixers. Well, the wait is almost over. The new Stanton line will feature four professional DJ mixers: the SK ONE, SK TWO, RM THREE, and SK FIVE, two straight arm turntables: the
STR8-50 and STR8-60 (right), a live performance DJ filter: the DJF-1, and a multi headphone preamp: the HA-8. Although the DJF-1 has already been released, the rest of the line is slated for release by the year's end, in time for the new millennium.

The SK mixer series, aimed at the professional turntablists, will feature high end crossfaders with photo coupler operation. All the highly demanded features like reverse switches and curve adjustment on all faders, balanced outs, etc, have been included (SK ONE and TWO only), as well as some newer features such as a three position input toggles with FLASH feature (SK TWO) and reversible face plate (COOL!!). The RM THREE, a 10 inch, 3 channel mixer, has all the bells and whistles, including 3 band kill toggles with FLASH function, assignable AUX send/returns, Hamster switch, and more...

The STR8 (pronounced: straight) turntable series are perfect for the beginner and intermediate turntablists. They feature a skip resistant straight tone arm, +/- 10% pitch control, remote start/stop input, and more. The STR8-60 also feature cool blue LED's.

VM10The DJF-1 is a live performance fully analog filter with high and low frequencies cutoff and resonance. The DJF provides two types of filters (notch and bandpass) and can also act as an EQ/crossover. A trigger bypass is also included.

The HA-8 stereo headphone preamp has 4 inputs and 8 outputs. Any input can be assigned to all 8 outpus so that all headphones can listen to the same source. The HA-8 is a single space rackmount unit and features the same high quality finish and chrome knobs as the DJF-1.

So after all this, what does Stanton hold for Y2K? There are many more products in the works including a world's first: a valve mixer. Which promises to be the world's best sounding DJ mixer ever!!! The beautifully crafted VRM-10 (left) features Stanton's new V-MAX technology. It is fitted with tubes which add incredible warmth to the sound, taking DJ mixers to a new level (and as an added bonus, the tubes glow through the ventilation holes on the mixer's top panel). Other features include a VCA controlled super smooth crossfader with curve adjustment and reverse switch, DSP effects assignable to each channel, AUX send/return, a built-in analog filter, parametric 3 band EQs, liquid mercury LEDs, balanced outputs, and more...

Also due out soon is the DJ PRO 2000 high end DJ headphone featuring a colapsable and rotating headband to fit any DJ's style.

As an end note, our cartridges ARE Y2K compliant! (Don't laugh, we've been asked this question before)




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