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New Tascam



Tascam CD-302

The Tascam CD-302 is the world's most highly specified dual CD player for professional performance DJs, engineered without compromise for unprecedented creative control.

The capabilities of the CD-302 span from authentic vinyl- style effects, across all the usual features found on DJ CD deck controllers, to the introduction of new and unique technologies.

Scratch Play provides authentic vinyl scratch effects. The advanced fly-by-wire interface between your finger on the jog-dial and the spinning disc 'feels' natural - just like vinyl. With Scratch Play you can scratch samples as well as disks!

Automatic Tempo Sync and the even more remarkable Beat Sync take mixing into a new era. These functions deliver the ultra-smooth mixes your audience demands.

The sophisticated control surface comprises two identical sets of remote performance controls which can be split into two separate controllers, each connected to the decks via a single cable.

By offering essential vinyl deck features, including Braking and Bending alongside Scratching, combined with awesome digital innovations, the CD-302 makes viable the step to CD mixing. While this in itself marks the CD-302 as superior to conventional CD decks, it provides a number of other significant performance aids.

The Pitch Control range is a wide +32%, operated by a long-stroke 100mm slider. The sampler can hold up to 10 seconds of music. In addition, a 10-second shock-proof memory protects your performance from interruptions.

A massive 1,000 track memory (five banks of 200 songs) stores cue points, loop points, sampling points, BPM, pitch and other data.

The CD-302 is the first Tascam DJ product. Tascam has applied its experience in CD player technology, ergonomics and an unrivalled appreciation of the needs of the DJ to produce probably the finest DJ performance CD decks available today. Coming from the same stable as many of the world's finest recording studio and broadcast CD players, it could be nothing less.

main features

DECK UNIT: Two CD players in a 2U rack-mount case

REMOTE CONTROLLERS: The two remote controllers can be installed in a rack (5U) or can be split into two separate portable units

RCA line outputs on both CD Players

10 second shock-proof memory on each CD player

Instant Start function

Large JOG dials for frame accurate search and operation of Scratch Play function

+8/1 6/32% Tempo and Key control

Original Key function allows tempo change, but maintains original key

Key Control function allows key change, but maintains original tempo Key Change in semitone steps

Pitch Control changes Tempo and Key simultaneously




Long-stroke 100mm slider for Tempo VR 10 second Sampler on each controller A-B Loop, Single Loop, and All Loop Seamless loop for A-8 Looping BPM counter on each controller Automatic Beat Sync function Automatic Tempo Sync function TAP function for manual BPM tapping Bend function for beat trimming

Brake function for authentic vinyl- style disk Braking

Scratch Play function for authentic vinyl-style Scratching

1,000 song memory (200-song capacity in 5 different banks) stores essential performance information

~6dB digital output level control in 1dB steps

Switchable Elapsed and Remain time display

Single track playback


Program Play (up to 30 tracks) Auto Cue function Auto Ready function EOM (End Of Message) function Timer play Relay play

Sleep function stops motor automatically if stationary for more than 30 minutes

Auto Close function closes tray automatically after 30 seconds Incremental Play function Event Start function

Fader Start function Large self illuminated PLAY/PAUSE and CUE keys Cue function allows instant search for the last play point

Numeric keys for Track Search, Time Search, and Preset Number Select

Index Search function




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