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 Gear Zone is the place where you will see it and read about it first! If your company has something new let us know about it. We promise you do not have to advertise with us to get it out to the DJs. news@djzone.com


  New Gear At NAMM!


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Electro-Voice® announces the introduction of the all-new line of N/DYM® microphones at the NAMM Convention, held from February 3 to 6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Demo Room SR309. This popular series of performance microphones has been redesigned to offer even greater performance in a live sound environment. With EV's new Vocal Optimized Bass™ (VOBÔ) technology, the N/DYM microphones provide the performer with reduced resonant distortion at the low-end. By heavily damping the low frequency resonant peak that contributes to the "muddiness" found in the bass response of competitive models, EV has been able to produce microphones that truly "cut through the mix."

EV was the first to utilize the neodymium magnet structure, and it remains at the heart of the new N/DYM series of microphones, offering greater sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. By putting together the best of past N/DYM designs with the benefits of VOB, EV has truly developed a product line that will provide clear, clean sound across all frequencies, and in any setting. Improved sound and more attractive pricing will make them the popular choice for today's musician and engineer.



 Electro-Voice® is proud to introduce the N/DYM® Series UHF Wireless Microphone System, the latest innovation in wireless technology, at the NAMM Convention, held from February 3 to 6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Demo Room SR309. The N/DYM Series breaks new ground by offering frequency agility features found on more expensive wireless microphone systems, through its ClearScan™ technology. This feature allows the systems to operate on one of 10 user-selected frequencies, and automates system set-up by finding the clearest operating channel in any RF environment.

The N/DYM Series UHF wireless microphone system builds on EV's excellent reputation for its renowned N/DYM Series of wired microphones by providing a truly unique set of features for a system at such a competitive price point. Operation in the UHF frequency band is further enhanced by the Secure-Phase™ diversity system for clear and drop-out free audio. In addition, the receiver has an adjustable squelch level while the belt-pack and handheld transmitters include adjustable Tx gain controls.

For more information, call 1-800-667-3968 or visit EV on the Web at www.electrovoice.com


Electro-Voice® debuts the new Force® system, comprising the Force 15-inch two-way speaker, Force dual 15-inch Subwoofer and Force Stereo Power Amplifier at the NAMM Convention, held from February 3 to 6 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Demo Room SR309. The high-peak output, high-efficiency two-way stage system combines rock-solid enclosures and a price point any touring musician won't want to miss.

"The Force system combines high output with extremely clear intelligibility in a very compact package," says Jamie Bergen, product category manager for Electro-Voice speakers. "We see this system as the leader in a trend of developing state-of-the-art components which allows smaller-sized systems to compare with the power and clarity of speakers twice their size."

Force Speaker:

The Electro-Voice Force Speaker is a high-peak output, high-efficiency two-way stage system. The 2-way, 15-inch speaker incorporates elements of Ring-Mode Decoupling™ (RMD™) technology, has 200-watts continuous and 800-watts short-term power handling and a High-Q 60-degree x 40-degree constant-directivity horn with DH2010A driver and an integral 1 3/8-inch stand mount.

Compact dimensions of the Force are 30.25?-inches H x 16.9-inches? W x 15-inches? D, and it weighs only 60.5 lbs. Other specifications include a frequency response (measured at 10 ft. on axis) of 60 Hz-20 kHz ±3 dB, long-term average power handling of 200 watts and sound pressure level of 99dB. The crossover frequency is 1,600 Hz with an impedance of nominal 8 ohms. The input connectors are parallel ¼-inch phone jacks, with optional NEUTRIKâ Speakon® connectors available.

Force® Sub:

The Force® Sub has an extremely compact enclosure¾just 23.5-inches H x 20.5-inches W x 23.5-inches D and Manifold Technology™ design that moves more air with less cone excursion. A 30-inch pole is included for mounting of EV full-range systems. Built-in low-pass electronic filtering and quasi-bandpass enclosure helps filter the highs so it can be paralleled with a full-range system on a single amplifier channel for instant "add-on" bass improvement. A rugged enclosure is covered with industrial-grade carpeting, has steel grilles and EV's styled corner protectors. It provides 300-watt continuous, 1,200-watt short-term power handling that is even more conservative than EV's usual rating to ensure a greater margin of reliability.

"A quick comparison to other dual 15-inch woofer systems on the market will show that any competitive product is noticeably more expensive, larger and heavier than the Force® Sub," explains Bergen. "An entire Force/Force Sub sound system can be easily transported behind the front seats in a mini-van! Plus, you don't need a rack full of amps to play it."

Force® Amp:

The Electro-Voice Force® Stereo Power Amplifier provides 280 watts per channel at 8 ohms (900 bridged), 450 watts per channel at 4 ohms (1,300 watts bridged) and 650 watts per channel at 2 ohms at 1 kHz. The Force® Amp's state-of-the-art limiters are driven by a sophisticated input/output comparator, ensuring freedom from amplifier clipping. High-current NEUTRIK Speakon® output connectors for channels A, B and bridged operation for loss-free connections and active-balanced XLR-type input and paralleled XLR-type output connectors provide easy signal routing. Rear-mounted dB-scaled detented level controls provide easy gain control.


For more information, call 1-800-667-3968 or visit EV on the Web at www.electrovoice.com.


Petaluma, CA- Furman Sound announced that it has added a new product to their Rack Rider Power Conditioning line. Like the RR-15, the RR-15 PLUS ($119.00) is a single space Power Conditioner/Light Module with two slide-out, swiveling light fixtures to provide discreet illumination of your equipment on stages, in studios and other dark places. The RR-15 PLUS adds a bright red, three digit LED meter that displays incoming AC line voltage.

The RR series is available in three models. All are for use with 120 volt AC lines, and are rated at 15 amps. The RR-15 NL offers all the same protection as the RR-15 and RR-15 PLUS, but with no lights. All models offer high voltage surge and transient suppression as well as RFI/EMI filtering.

"Every audio rack needs a Power Conditioner," comments Joe Desmond, V.P. of Sales for Furman. "Rack Rider makes it possible and practical for everyone to be protected from surges, transients and electronic pollution caused by dimmers, fluorescent lights, and radio transmitters."

Rack Rider also has a line of cost effective, single space graphic equalizers.

Please contact Furman Sound for more information. Phone 707-763-1010, fax 707-763-1310 or email info@furmansound.com





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