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 Hidden Treasures?

Denon Motion Dive?

Hidden in the Denon booth was a neat little gizmo called a Motion Dive. Although Denon was fairly vauge when it came to information on this product, we did find out it is a prototype video "scratch" mixer that attaches to a PC computer. Check out both pictures. To the right is the controler and below is a picture of the laptop screen.

Visual Effects UV Paint?

Visual Effect brought in a cool display with water based, UV reactive flouresent paints. According to Dave Miller of Gecko Enterprises Inc., the paints are non-toxic and water soluable; paints that are safe to place on your skin, in your hair, and anywhere you want to glow! Sold in gallons, Quarts, and pints, this paint will make your next blacklight party a hit. For more information visit www.danceparty.com

Sony Single Rack Space CD Player CDP-D11

1U height
Provides economy of rack space and easy transport
RCA unbalanced and XLR balanced outputs
Allows flexible interfacing with a variety of equipment.
Vari-speed (+/-12.5%) for pitch or tempo corrected playback.
Instant start Allows immediate playback from start of any track.
RS-232 and parallel interface Allows PC and GPI controlled playback
Mark locate feature. Allows user defined spot as cue point.
Sequential playback with multiple machines using Relay/ play control bus.
Auto Cue and Auto Pause
Accurate spot locating and cueing of playback material.
AMS dial For fast and convenient access to CD tracks and menu functions
Dual mode remote Can function as wired or wireless IR remote. Includes direct numeric entry of track numbers
Advanced shock protection w 4Mb D-Ram memory Geatly reduces unwanted "skipping" due to vibrateion or dirty CDs
Heavy-duty transport design Designed to withstand the rigors of production and mobile use.

  • Frequency response 20-20kHz +/-.05dB

  • THD <0.01%
  • Dynamic range Digital 97dB, Analog 92dB
  • S/N ratio >93dB
  • Vari-speed range +/- 12.5%
  • D/A convereters High Density Linear. 1 bit, w/20 resolution, 8X oversampling
  • Wow & flutter Below measurable limits
  • Inputs RCA/unbalnaced, XLR/balanced
  • Outputs RCA/unbalanced, XLR/balanced
  • Digital outputs SPDIF coaxial & optical
  • Power equirements 120VAC 60Hz
  • Power consumption 11W
  • Weight 5.2 kg


Swizz Army Cable Tester

  • When testing for continuity, not only will it tell you good/bad, it will tell you what pin(s) are shorted.

  • It's patent pending intermittent detect & display allows you to shake/wiggle your cable without fear of missing the intermittent short.  It stores your intermittent information until you reset it.
  • The cable wiring pinout tells you how your connectors are wired. i.e. pin 1 to pin 2 etc..
  • In test tone mode it generates a switchable 440Hz / 1kHz  tone at mic level, -10dBV, and +4dBu.
  • The phantom power detect not only tells you if there is phantom power, but which pin it is on.
  • The grounded shield detect allows you to be sure your connections are right.
  • The installed cable test allows you the check cables that are already installed in walls.
  • The stainless steel belt clip keeps it in easy reach.

For more information visit http://www.cymation.com/


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