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NAMM Show Special Edition



  We Be NAMMin'

Sid Vanderpool-Editor

Continued from opening page

Los Angeles. City of Angels. The DJzone crew descended on LA Wednesday morning to find crystal clear skies and cool temperatures. Coming from Twin Falls in January, we were quite content with the day's high of 62 degrees. Heck, for us it was balmy!

Each year, 60,000 people converge on Los Angeles for the National Association of Music Merchants convention. To compare this convention to any of the DJ conventions out there, would be like comparing the Super Bowl to an eight-man football game at a small junior high school; there just is no comparison here. NAMM has been holding conventions for quite a long time, and it shows in their professionalism and style. This event could teach a lot to some of the smaller show producers. The smiles on the organizer's faces and the service oriented people in charge, were a breath of fresh air. They not only preach service in their seminars, they practice it.

The Los Angeles Convention Center is comprised of 870,000 square feet of exhibit space, 64 meeting rooms (including a 26,300 square foot special events hall), spacious lobbies, restaurants, and food courts. The complex sits upon 63 acres close to the downtown hotel community and the Central Business District. It is just plain huge!

Most people will tell you that NAMM takes at least 2-3 days to do thoroughly, and we were quickly finding that out. We decided to focus our sights on the new DJ gear first, so in scanning our guide book, we chose the hall with the most DJ product manufacturers and set out on our adventure. Two blocks away on the other side of the center, we met up with Bernie Fryman from Gemini Sound Products, and he brought out the new CD-240 dual CD player with 20 second anti-shock digital memory, one of over 60 new products you will be blown away by in our NAMM Special New Products Section.

It has been said in the past that NAMM is not meant for the enduser or disc jockey, and is open to dealers and trade people only. This we found to be true. None of the products that were on display were being sold to the general public. Being disc jockeys though, we can't tell you how excited we were to be in on all the new "toys" and thought you to would like to get the scoop on things also, thus our NAMM edition of DJzone. Enjoy!

NAMM Big Things
NAMM Gemini 25th Anniversary Event



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