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DJ For The 21st Century



A new era of CD-ROM technology is upon us. The digital CD-ROM Business Card. Created through the unique marriage of the conventional business card with the data storage of a CD-ROM. Shaped like a credit card, the digital business card can be played in any standard CD-ROM drive or CD player that handles the 3" size media. The pre-recorded digital business card can be printed with your business information on the front in full color and will hold 18 Mb of uncompressed data and 40 Mb. with compression. The recordable digital business cards can be recorded in a standard CD or CD-ROM recorder and will hold up to 9 Mb. of data uncompressed and 12 Mb. with compression.

This new media for DJs is ideal for distributing brochures, software, photographs, and even audio, and video clips. It is designed to be part of your company's marketing strategy and is an excellent way to promote your DJ business. The digital business card can even be used to highlight your web site with links to it's on-line content.

Because of it's compelling design, the digital business card ensures a high degree of pass along value. "Once people see the card they have to try it for themselves..." Steve M., former VP of Sales for Computer Design Inc. "It's amazing!"

Priced as low as $1.50 each these are sure to be a hit with all the spinners out there.



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