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Music Review



Under The Piano

Howard Lopez

I was standing on the balcony of the Sheraton Hotel when I was approached by Mike Hiendl from the CDJA and introduced to Howard Lopez. After some smalltalk, Mike asked if I would give him my opinion on something and I agreed. Howard proceeded to pull a Walkman and headphones from his case along with a CD. From the moment he pushed play, I knew he had something here. Staring out over the great Niagara Falls, the flowing sounds of Howards baby grand piano and the falls became one. It was overwhelming to listen to such pristine music and watch the water flow over the falls. Then the DJ in me kicked in and I started changing tracks. Each one was as great as the first, like a score from a Grammy award winning movie.

For the ceremony Prelude, a soft background music, or even dinner music, this is a must have for your library. Take a short listen below:

1. Cascade

7. Join Me

2. Jesse's Lullabye

8. Afternoon Repose

3. Starflight

9. Classic Motion

4. After All

10. Chez-Nous

5. Triste

11. Shangia Sunset

6. Interlude

12. Epilogue

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