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RealTime tools deliver professional results to broad audience

New Software from DARTECH a Boon for Pros, Audio Enthusiasts

Minneapolis, MN. - January 25, 1999 –- DARTECH, Inc., a leading provider of audio restoration and recording software, today announced the release of DART PRO 98, a professional recording, restoration and editing solution for audio professionals and hobbyists.

DART PRO 98 allows for the digital re-mastering and saving of music from vinyl, tape and other media. DART PRO 98 is designed for both music restoration and voice clarification and supports both digital and analog formats.

DART PRO 98 supports RealTime tools to enhance speed and ease-of-use. Users can listen to the results while the restoration controls are adjusted. Aside from the addition of real time tools, DART PRO 98 improves upon the highly-acclaimed DART PRO 32 by implementing powerful features such as DeHum and Unpack.

After capturing music via PC and sound card, users of DART PRO 98 can restore crystal clear sound. DART PRO 98 removes scratches, clicks, pops, hiss sounds and fills in dropouts. Songs can then be organized into customized playlists for recording.

"The ease and cost of DART PRO 98 makes audio restoration inexpensive and available to a wide audience" says Henry Neils, President. "Re-mastering of music can be done quickly and easily with DART PRO 98 with any Pentium class PC. And, standard music CDs can be made quickly with most CD-R or CD-RW drive. DART PRO 98 has all the features to make the professional audio engineer take notice and at the same time easy to use so that a novice can get great results. Anyone can use DART PRO 98, the most advanced audio restoration and recording program available."


  • DART PRO 98 has RealTime support for all the restoration/processing functions – DeClick, DeNoise, DeHiss, and DeHum

  • New DeHum restoration function eliminates harmonic disturbances, removes buzz and hum.

  • New NoisePrint Manager for shaping and correcting a noise-print.

  • The Smart Mute, Smart Cut, and CrossFade Cut features allow for the editing of small, hard to find disturbances.

  • An improved Equalizer and Mixer ensures professional results.

  • Adjust RPM for conversion of non-standard record speeds.
  • MIDI support for rendering MIDI to .wav file formats with an all digital process.
  • MP3 support for recording MP3 files to CD.
  • DirectX ActiveX plug-in support.

  • An Unpack feature automatically separates audio into individual songs or tracks.

  • Timer for recording audio at pre-determined times (like a VCR).
  • Background processing option.


DART PRO 98 includes all of the powerful restoration functions that the professionals have been using for years such as DeClick, DeNoise, ReTouch, DeHiss, and the signal processing tools such as ReSample, Scale, Maximize, Mute, Reverse, and more.


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