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Shownite 99



 Shownite 99



TVDJA Big Night Out

The night was young as ticket holders for this years annual Shownite, gathered at The Bull Hotel, Gerrards Cross. As usual the evening was to include the TVDJA Awards presentation, but also this year the 21st Anniversary party...;. TVDJA 1978 - 1999. 21 years of service to the DJ and the public.

The weather was damp and a steady drizzle fell, but that was not so for the spirits of the 90 people who assembled for the annual get together of association members, friends, and industry dignitaries who had been invited to enjoy what is traditionally an excellent event. The venue change after a number of successful years at the Forte Post House, High Wycombe was not of the committees choosing but a policy change of the hotel management, not to hold Sunday night dinner dances as the day was to be kept for Wedding fair's and more local day time events.

After the problem of where to go was investigated by the committee, James Iyengar handed over the job to a company called "Event Exchange" from Bradford upon Avon, who find and sort out the details and liase with venues about the requirements of their clients, who are looking to hold an event like Shownite.

Shownite 99

The meal was due to start at 8pm, but as is the norm, slightly late, not for any other reason than the guests were too busy talking and enjoying a drink in the bar to get themselves into the main room of the Windsor Suite for the staff to serve the meal. Mike Jordan welcomed everyone to the evening and thanked founder President Tony Holden and his wife for finding the time to attend the party, and Rob Peck the current President for also being there to present our Awards later in the evening and eventually the process evolved, and an excellent three course meal was reported to have been served by the Chef and staff at the hotel. During the meal back ground music was supplied by the band on CD, and the use of their PA for the awards and presentations and announcements meant that the association did not have to put any equipment themselves, leaving everyone only the task of enjoying themselves, after all it was a special night and as such a night off for the DJ members and friends.

Following the meal and while the coffee was being served Mike introduced Rob Peck (President) and Austin Levitt (Chairman) who were to present the "Awards 1998". The winners were given the opportunity to give an acceptance speech and all responded with gratitude and thanks that awards of this type come from the end user, where all the more important and respected by the recipients. It was good to note that this year representatives from all the winners were able to collect the awards given on the night, with some travelling a long way to be with us. Making a return visit to a TVDJA event was NJD's Kevin Hopcroft and his wife Heather from Nottingham, Mike and Amanda Taylor from RPA Promotions (Mobile DJ) from Grimsby and representatives from Lamba PLC, Citronic, HW International and Numark UK all together in one room, quite an achievement in itself, all helping to make the awards part of the evening worthwhile.

Time to get the band on for their first set, Mike congratulated the award winners and introduced "Ob Jay Da" the band booked to provide the music for the night. The band was well received and everyone agreed that having NO DISCO was a good move, as it was nice to get away from what is after all our normal job. Every DJ present could, if they wanted to be critical, do a better job than whoever was given the job for the night, or am I being self indulgent? It is fair to note that the band came well recommended and did us proud, returning after the cabaret to do their second set which was even better than the first.

The Cabaret also highly recommended was Comedy Magician Peter McCahon, who was dressed in a wild Hawaii type shirt and carried (lets be careful here) some considerable weight (do you mean he was fat?). His act, full of the gift of the gab and audience participation was well put over and excellent entertainment. He was warmly received and proved that entertainment media audiences are not hard to entertain if the product is good, which it was. Well done to Thames Valley for again succeeding in putting together a fine night.

Not over yet, still to come the giant raffle which is now part of a Tivvy night out, and cut the large 21st birthday cake. The Cake resplendent with the association logo, which after the initial cut by our founder President Tony Holden was taken away by the hotel management and cut into fingers for all to enjoy. The raffle had a couple of last minute prizes, donated by Mobile DJ was a smoke machine, won by Justin Harvey James and Mike Taylor also on behalf of "Promo Only" had arranged for a set of compact discs worth £199.00 to be included in the raffle and these were eventually won by James Iyengar, who Mike Jordan suggested could now go fully professional and buy a twin CD unit from Numark UK via Orange Megastores, and further advised him to have a word with Dave Chapman from Orange. Kevin Hopcroft donated an award winning CHAOS Auto Moon, and many other lucky tickets were pulled out of the barrel and the 20+ prizes were soon picked up. Mike thanked both NJD and Mobile DJ for their generous donations and congratulated all the prize winners, pointing out that he had won NOTHING!!!!

To close it is fair to say that the evening which was arranged and organised again this year by Mike & Margaret Jordan was yet another success for the TVDJA in it's 21st Year. President Rob Peck on behalf of everyone thanked them both for all their hard work in getting the "EVENT" as Mike has been calling it, all put together to the extent that the night will be remembered for sometime to come. On speaking to Mike afterwards he acknowledged that it was good to see so many old friends like the two members from SEDA with their respective ladies, Keith Hutchins and Mark Pantony who in recent years have come to be very welcome visitors each year. Apparently Keith is getting married later in the year so everyone at Tivvy wish them both all the happiness for the future (I wonder who is doing the disco?).

What will SHOWNITE 2000 hold in store? Time will tell, but this year, special as it was is now only a pleasant memory. Thames Valley can feel proud that they can put together an evening so full and so enjoyable on behalf of the membership.

The Awards

Best Industry Publication

Mobile DJ Magazine, accepted by Mr Mike Taylor

Best CD Console

The Numark CD-N34 Twin CD unit, accepted by Mr Richard Seymour for Numark and Mr David Chapman for DJ2000

Best Amplifier

QSC Powerlight Range, accepted by Mr Alan March for HW International

Best Mixer

The Citronic Predator, accepted by Darren Jackson for Citronic

Best Loudspeaker

Deltec Amplification, accepted by Mr Dave Seamer for & on behalf of Mr Paul Von-Hinton of Deltec

Best Lighting Effect

CHAOS Auto Moon, accepted by Mr Kevin Hopcroft for NJD

Best New Product

Mr Paul Cross for his combined CD/Mixer/Amp and Lighting Console

Committee Awards

Members Show

Mr Dean James for the Dean James Discotheque

DIY Award

Mr Paul Cross for his combined CD/Mixer/Amp and Lighting Console

Industry Award

Dave Seamer Entertainment's, accepted by Mr Dave Seamer

The Presidents Cup

Mr Mike Moore, for services to the association



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