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White Wedding?



White Wedding?

Martin Miles

At the '99 NAMM show in Los Angeles we came across what might be a new trend in speaker cosmetics. Okay, when you think of cosmetics you think of eye liner and makeup, right? Well when it comes to speaker cosmetics it is the design, covering and colors they are being produced in. That new trend at the NAMM show was "White". Almost every speaker dealer out there had copies of their regular line of speakers in a new white color.

For years caterers and tent companies have used white covers on chairs, poles, table, etc. So why can't DJs use white speakers? White speakers, white stands and maybe a white system setup (That might be going a bit far.) White has always dictated class when it comes to formal events. Face it we always knew that white speakers would be around the corner.

Peavey had their brand new 200 Series in both black and white. This weather resistant 12" Sub and two way system came in both powered and none powered versions, handled up to 350 watts continuous and only weighed 40 lbs (non powered) and 52 lbs (powered) They say they don't limit this series just to churches and they are being installed in a variety of venues where white is more cosmetically appealing.

Wright Brother Sound EQX 1578 is another entry into this new category of white speakers. Weighing in at 29.5 lbs the EQX offers a lot to like, but no unnecessary bulk.

A two-way 15" speaker system rated for 150 watts continuous and 300 watts peak. Using military components to build the protection system you would be hard pressed to overdrive them.

Being extremely portable and easy to transport, the EQX 1578 particularly lends itself to light rental duty and DJ's.

The B-52 Sound-Contractors Series is designed for large clubs, theaters, and live stage productions. They provide full range, high impact and high definition music reproduction. Each system is optimized for everything from nearfield mid/high frequency definition, to true long throw performance, to earth shaking sub bass impact. Ranging in weight from 37 lbs to 55 lbs and produced in both white and black.

It's a dirt factor according to some DJs we polled. One even said he can hardly keep his black speakers clean let alone a white pair. For those naysayers we have are told covers can be purchased for all the white speakers out there. Tell us what your think.



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