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DJ Associations and you

Mike Fernino- Contributing Editor


The day of the "DJ against the world" is over, or at least that's what I think! Today more and more DJs are joining up with local, and national based DJ associations, than ever before! The idea is to pool ideas and efforts together and improve the level of professionalism within our industry! Raising the standard, should I say.

There are many benefits to being apart of organizations like these, but which one to choose? Local or national. Well, to begin, there are still not many local associations, so for many, the national organization is the only game in town. Let's start with national associations, and then we will hit on the local thing!

First, a national association, like "ADJA," or "NAME," are excellent places to get your feet wet! They offer many benefits, such as insurance's, group discounts, and a newsletter to keep you informed! Bear in mind, you cannot just join. Most associations have levels of requirement to obtain member status!

We have all heard the saying, " Power in numbers!" That applies here. If there is a problem that needs to be addressed, 1000 DJs banding together on an issue, to voice an opinion, will get noticed much faster than 1 DJ alone! Companies will put together a group discount for associations, realizing they have buying power. Discounted rates on insurance's and credit cards can be put together for DJs who by themselves would pay far higher premiums! Some national associations even have local subdivisions, where members can get together and work to benefit the local causes and issues! Websites which inform the consumer often help members generate extra referrals, as the consumer can often by linked to you via e-mail or phone. OK, I will go on record to say, I am a member of a national association, and I love it! I can't say enough good things about what benefits there are from membership in a national organization, however, I am also a large part of a local association! Yes, I can hear you all now. WHY both????? Let's now talk about a local association! I am the proud director of the "Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association." We have close to 50 members, and growing!

We get together every other month for meetings, where we discuss a host of topics.

We have technical clinics, teach each other the newest line-dances, work on ways to raise the level of professionalism, and so on and so forth! At no time do I feel like I'm in a room with the competition. These people are my friends, and fellow professionals.

I know, there will always be disagreements, and I don't want to paint the "CPDA" picture too rosey, but we do work and cooperate together very well. We have insurance, just like the national organizations, and we are working on credit card access for our members, along with several other endeavors. What I'm most proud of, however, is the "after hour" comradeship we have developed!

We have charity benefits, such as our golf tournament to benefit childrens hospitals, softball games with local radio stations, and even have a trip planned to see the Yankees and Red Sox play in New York! That should be interesting being that Connecticut sits between New York and Boston! One of the most important aspects of this organization is the emergency network! We back each other up, in time of crisis, and each member knows he or she, can count on a professional to assist when a problem knocks at the door! Yes, the national association has something similar, but a DJ from California cant help me, here in Connecticut, on a last minute notice! That might be the biggest difference between the two. The local is hands on, the national is bigger with different benefits obtained by each respectively. That's WHY I am a member of both!

To keep this article short, and not be like my longer winded brother Steve, ( who writes articles the length of the Bible ) I have skipped over many more benefits of associations. Hopefully you get the idea. Work together, raise the level of professionalism, which translates into rasing your price, ( that's another article)!

On a side note, the CPDA, my local association is coming to the DJ Times Expo, in Atlantic City together on a tour this year. We are renting a party bus, getting full passes, and suites for all the members. If you like what we are doing, and want to start your own local DJ association, "Just do it!" (Nike 99)

If I can be of any assistance to anyone wishing to organize a local

association, e-mail me at FerninoDj1@aol.com

Mike Fernino

Music In Motion * Interactive Entertainment

Director * Connecticut Professional Disc Jockey Association Member * American Disc Jockey Association All around Nice Guy :)





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