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Rebbecca- Karaoke Kraze

ROTATION: The order in which customers of karaoke establishments will sing, usually determined by the order in which customers make requests to sing and altered by additions of customers arriving later at the establishment than others. If used correctly and ethically, time on stage will be allocated fairly to all people who wish to sing.

SUICIDE: When a singer performs a song he or she has never performed before.

HOMICIDE: When a singer performs a song he or she has never performed before (see suicide), and knows from the very start that the performance will be quite bad.

VIRGIN: A person performing on a karaoke stage for the first time ever in his or her life.

FAKE VIRGIN: A person performing on a karaoke stage for the first time in his or her life, but has sung in front of audiences before (i.e., was in a band, in choir, in opera, etc.)

BATHROOM BREAK (also known as "SMOKE BREAK"): A song, whenever performed, no matter how well performed, induces a customer or customers to head to the bathroom, outside, or anywhere else from the karaoke singing space.

LIQUID COURAGE: Any alcoholic beverage that facilitates a singer coming up on stage.

THE DARK SIDE OF KARAOKE: People who take karaoke TOO SERIOUSLY and cleve to it to fill deep emotional voids...if it weren't for karaoke, they'd be on the rooftop with an AK-47. "Dark-siders" can easily be identified by dropping by a location 3 hours before the show starts...they'll be sitting there waiting.

DANCE RE-MIX: A disc that always skips during a performance.

MILLI VANILLI: A singer that goes up with another person, then won't take the microphone, and just stands there and mouths the words the whole time.

PROJECTION IMPAIRED: When a singer sings so quietly that a KJ has to turn the mic up to the point of feedback.

WANNAROADIE: People who insist on trying to help break down equipment, over the objections of the host.

KARAOKE ALZHEIMER'S: A singer turns in a song, then 5 minutes later has to come up and ask the host what they put in.

GHOST SINGER: A person who puts in a song, promptly disappears until after they are called, then mysteriously re-appears.

DEDICATION: Any ballad sung in the hopes of gaining female companionship for the evening.

KROAKIE: A singer who did Mariah Carey at the show the night before, and is now limited to Joe Cocker and Kim Carnes tunes.

KARAOKEPHOBIA: When someone is so scared of karaoke, that they push the book away from them as if it were an odious thing that will metaphysically transport them on stage if they open it.

KARAOKE TERRORISM: Drafting another person to sing without their knowledge. (Also known as Kamikaze Karaoke.)

OVERMODULATOR: A singer who constantly screams into a microphone. Everything they sing sounds like it's being performed by Megadeth...even "The Rose."

DRAFT CARD: A request slip with someone's name on it who has not volunteered to sing.

AUDIOPHOOL: Someone who knows nothing about audio, but always tries to tell the KJ how to run the sound..."hey, can I get some reverb, maaaaan?"

KARAOKE STUTTERER: Someone who tries to sing along to a skipping disc.

CAVE DWELLER: Someone who wraps their hand around the mic, thinking it looks cool, completely unaware that it makes their voice sound like they're singing "Aqualung."

Top 25 Discs
For June & July


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Country Hot Hits

Chartbuster Hot Hits (M)


Lionel Richie & The Commodores

Legends Series


Billy Joel

Backstage Karaoke


Party Tyme Karaoke - Female

Sybersound CD+G


Backstreet Boys & 'Nsync

Pocket Songs (M)


The Eagles

Superstar Karaoke (M)


The Doors

Standing Ovation


Mellow Favorites

DKKaraoke (M) Close-out CD+G



Sound Image Karaoke


Hits Of The 90s

Rising Star Karaoke


Hits Of Shania Twain

Pocket Songs (M)


Pop / Rock

Nikkodo SAVP Pop


We'll Be Together Again-Frank Sinatra

Pocket Songs (M)


Anka, Pitney & Sedaka

Standing Ovation


Billy Joel

Hot Line Karaoke


Jimi, Janis & Eric

DK Premiere Series


Merle Haggard Vol 2

Chartbuster Karaoke


The Beatles

DKKaraoke (M) Close-out CD+G


Jimmy Buffett

Sound Choice Spotlight


Pop Hits Today- March 1999

Pop Hits Today (M)


Country Music

Nikkodo SAVA Country


Martina McBride, Vol 1

Chartbuster Karaoke


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