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Top 10 MP3 Computer Softwares

Max Greene

Over the past year, the audio format known as MP3 has become all the rage. This format lets users download songs and play them with high-quality sound, and because it's so easily distributed on the Internet, it's threatening to make dinosaurs of traditional record labels. The programs in this list are the most popular MP3 utilities on FileWorld. They'll let you play MP3 files, create your own from audio CDs, and search for clips on the Web.

  1. WinAmp: Supercharge your audio activities with a player that easily handles MP3, MP2, CD, MOD, WAV, and other formats. WinAmp supports playlists, and it provides taskbar scrolling, an HTML playlist generator, a spectrum analyzer, a CD audio decoder, an MPEG decoder, and a digital equalizer. Version 2.10 fixes a number of bugs and adds several enhancements.

  2. AudioCD MP3 Studio: This utility uses space-saving MP3 and WAV formats to make collecting and managing private music archives fast and simple. AudioCD MP3 studio allows you to extract tracks from audio CDs and encode them as MP3 or WAV files, then store them on your hard drive. Create your own audio CDs with tracks from your personal library or MP3 files downloaded from the Internet.

  3. CD Copy: Move tracks from an audio CD to your hard disk, and save them as WAV, RAW, or MPEG files. This version provides support for MP3 encoding and decoding.

  4. CDex: Extract data from an audio CD and store it as a WAV or MP3 sound file.

  5. CD-DA Extractor: Yet another CD audio digitizer. You can edit and save track names, change output levels, and more. CD-DA Extractor supports DVDs as well as standard ATAPI, SCSI-2, and SCSI-3 drives.

  6. Planet MP3Find: Searches MP3 servers for specific artist or song files faster than you can say audiophile. The Explorerlike interface gives you activity information about FTP sites before initiating a connection so that you can steer clear of dead-end servers.

  7. Music Match Juke Box: This all-in-one MP3 software program combines CD "ripping" and encoding for easy, one-step recording from your CD-ROM drive to your hard drive. It also allows you to convert MP3 files into WAV files and vice versa. The Jukebox feature lets you organize an MP3 database and create programmable playlists.

  8. Sonique 0.95c: Just when you have your heart set on the MP3 player, those hep cats out in cyberaudio land come up with something cooler. Sonique offers all you've come to love in an MP3 player, including a customizable playlist and endless track options, plus tempo, equalizer, and balance controls. These controls are accessed through an ultrahip control panel that will knock your virtual socks off.

  9. Abe's MP3 Finder: Quickly search the Internet for MP3 files by simply typing in an artist name or a song title. Abe's MP3 Finder maintains an updated database of MP3 sites to help you avoid broken and defunct links. It comes equipped with an FTP client and supports HTTP, SMB, and FTP protocols.

  10. Melody: Plays all kinds of audio files one by one or links them together to play in a stream. It will also play audio CDs. Play back single tracks or an entire folder of audio files, and create playlists with your favorites.



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