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A Large Single Operator CAN Survive In A Multiples Jungle!

Jon Michaels

Many times I am asked to explain how I make more money now as a single operator than when I had 4 units and twelve employees. There are many laws of economics like the Law of Diminishing Returns that I will not get into right now, but the best way to explain my title of this article is to say that I would rather be known for the best steak in the region at the exclusive country club than for selling the most hamburgers at McDonalds.

I found that the more simple I made my business the more money I could keep for myself. Anybody can hire teams of people to paint houses...but having more than one person painting on the same canvas for a portrait will never work. We are in the entertainment business..not the retail selling of widgets.

The other law of economics that goes back the fact that word of mouth is the very best way to advertise and promote my business. Also creativity and business rarely mix very well. (that is why many mothers warn their daughters to never marry a musician or artist). At one time I spent over $5,000 a year just on insurance premiums and Wolfman Jack did my TV I do arenas and convention centers and gets 4-5 referrals from every job. Instead of multiple units that by nature have to be a lower common denominator to be all alike...I now drive a 30 foot truck of the latest technology that has led to the best "Sound and Lighting" award in Las Vegas two years ago and twice used as an example of Electrical Engineering at SDSU high school College Days. (I could relate to students the practical use of engineering while the head of Rand Computers bored them).

Many multiples say they are a large number of dances...but they carry their setup's for the job in the backseat of a Honda. It's time that the larger single operators stand up and say...hey wait a minute here. Bands are getting wiser and going after the wedding market again...too many brides are saying they don't want "just a DJ". Besides people pay a lot more for a steak at the country club than for a hamburger at McDonalds. Can't we all just get a green lawn.

Jon is a highly recognized veteran and businessman in the Mobile DJ industry. He won the 1995 Technical Award for Light and Sound. He is one of three inductees (Lifetime Achievement Award) into the Mobile DJ Hall of Fame. Jon is a MEGA member and also belongs to all three (3) national associations.




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