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Stacy Zemon

The Mobile DJ Handbook-Stacy Zemon

The Mobile DJ Handbook was written as an excellent guide for the aspiring DJ to begin his or her new business, however it is also a great refresher for the experienced mobile DJ as well. The book contains great ideas on how to expand and develop your business through learning to market and sell your company.


The Handbook covers all of the bases when it comes to your business. You can find sample brochures, letters, contracts, and information sheets. For the beginner, there is information on buying equipment, running your shows, setting your price, and essentially, how to be a professional. The mobile dj field is a fun and exciting business to be involved in and this book will help you be successful in it.


Probably one of the best things about the Mobile DJ Handbook is the fact that it is written in down to earth language. By taking advice and ideas from many of the industry leaders, Stacy has made the path much easier for the first time company owner.

ISBN 0-240-80266-7




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