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Mark Kaxton

Freeze Dance

This is an elimination dance. When the music stops, the dancers must freeze completely. Spice it up and keep the music fast and upbeat. Try to add variations such as making the dancers row like the TV show "Hawaii Five-0" (make them go down on one knee and move their arms in a rowing motion). Depending upon how many sources you have, keep changing the musical tempos and moving the kids up and down and freezing often.


Bubble Gum Relay

Divide the group up into teams. Get as many adults as teams. The adults line up at a point opposite the teams. When you say go, each team sends one person to the other side and is handed a piece of bubble gum. They must blow a bubble to match the size designated by the adult and then when the adult says OK, the player drops the gum into the bucket and runs to the next on their team. Suggested Music: William Tell Overture and other racing music.


Mummy Wrap

Divide the kids or adults into groups of three or four. Have one kid be the "mummy". The other two or three are the "wrappers", Once all the kids are on the dance floor and into their groups, distribute the toilet paper. Give one roll to each wrapper and invite them to start when the music starts. The object is to wrap the mummy in the most creative wrap, using any props available, and in the most strange position. No straight wraps, they are boring. Using the adults as judges, get people to applaud for the winner. If you choose you may have a time limit and the winner is the group that has the most wrappings. Hint: Make the winning team responsible for making all the toilet paper picked up before they get their prize. Suggested Music: Start with Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles.




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