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Get your name in lights with a Gobo Projector

By Bernie Howard Fryman

Looking for a new way to get your name or message across to the crowd? Try a gobo projector.

Gobos are small metal or glass filters that fit into lighting projectors. Gobos can be cut to spell out the name of your club, bar or restaurant. Custom gobos can be made from computer .tif files to beam your logo onto the dance floor or fill in a blank wall.

Gobos can have dichroic filters installed next to them to add color to your image. Some gobo projectors even can rotate the gobo message for added impact and allow you to load multiple gobos to add spice to your presentation. If you mount a gobo projector on an oscillating base, your message will hit the far sides of the room.

Imagine having your DJ's name flying around the room (suddenly he's a star, not just a DJ). Drink specials can be broadcast via gobo for a limited time, then turned off. "Ladies' night is Thursday!" "Happy hour specials every Friday." You get the picture. Or, say you're having a beach party - project palm trees on the walls!

A multiple gobo projector can have several gobos loaded with the names of your favorite beers. Possibly your local liquor distributor would have interest in co-oping a projector. This would guarantee getting his message across.

Mobile DJs can keep their name in front of a party, or even upsell customers to create a "Jamie's Bar Mitzvah" gobo or "Susie and Rick 4ever" gobo beaming in the middle of the dance floor for the first dance.

American DJ has the Gobo Spot I, which has a 50-watt bulb and is perfect for a static message. The ADJ Gobo Spot II has a 250-watt lamp, and a gel kit can be added. Lytequest Pro's LQ-440 Gobo 4 features a fan-cooled 250-watt lamp, four stock gobos that rotate and change automatically and the ability to install your own custom gobos. Add the ex-base oscillator, and you have a great animated message.

Don't forget the "Happy Valentine's Day," "Happy St. Patrick's Day," "Happy Independence Day" or "" gobos, just to name a few. When your plastic signs get worn-looking, remember that it's 1998 and people remember what they read. Project your message ...; brightly!

Bernie Howard has been a radio, club and mobile DJ for 28 years. Dubbed "the Highest Tech DJ on Earth" by Mobile Beat Magazine, he is the national merchandising manager of Gemini Sound/Lytequest Lighting. He maintains his own DJ Web site at http:/ and can be reached at

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Article reprinted from Nightclub & Bar Magazine Feb '98 with permission of the author.



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