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Sid Vanderpool

Music Magic Entertainment

So you do wedding receptions and you consider yourself to be very schooled in what to do at wedding receptions. You play music, entertain, and motivate. Maybe not in that order but in a nutshell you know how to encourage people to have a good time and party their butts off if the atmosphere is right.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to make the wedding reception side of your service just a little bit better? We have all been to those receptions that no one really knows what they are doing right? Well here is your chance to shine above everyone. You notice on your reception planning sheet (You do have one of these don't you? If not go to DJzone's resources section and pick one up and modify it for your company.) You notice that it says champaign is to be poured for the toast and look around none of the staff is pouring it what do you do? You tell them. What if they don't know how to pop the corks safely? Do you? It's easy place the bottle on your leg pointing it away from the guests and with a cloth napkin slowly twist the cork lifting gently up until it is almost out. Let the gas escape with the cork still lightly in place. Do not "pop" the cork. You'll end up getting sued!.

Now what about the cake? It's a big 24" round cake. How do you cut it? I know most of you could careless, but this is one of the little extras that make you a professional in the wedding field. Below is a diagram on cutting the various wedding cakes out there.

You notice the bride is having trouble really having a good time because she is in a 100 lb. dress and the bustle just wont stay hooked or is broke. Enter a piece of the emergency kit all of our DJs carry, the embroidery ring. You take a 15" embroidery ring that can be purchased at most craft stores and have your wife, girlfriend, mom, or aunt cover it with some nice white satin material and add some foo foo flowers and beads. When the bustle gives way you will be ready the bride puts the ring over her arm and then hangs her train and what would make up her bustle through it. Then she can party the night away and tip you later for your ingenuity. You will find the rest of what we suggest should be in your emergency kit in the Djzone resource library.

No these are not be things you can put into your brochures or even brag about on the phone to a prospective bride but they will get noticed not only by the people at the wedding, but by caterers and photographers alike. Consider the recognition as being not only a DJ/Party Host, but a wedding reception professional another feather in your professionalism and credibility hat.




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