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Convincing Visitors of Your Sincere and Honest Approach to Business

Earl B. Hall

Are you getting traffic to your site, but very few sales?

Many internet small business owners spend a considerable amount of time and money to generate traffic, but see little return for their efforts.

In one of my replies to a subscriber, I remembered that this is a common problem on the web. Here are a few suggestions.

Darren ***** wrote:
I operate an online business at the URL below, and we struggle to get people to understand our sincerity and honest approach to business. What is it that you feel your site or service does that reflects a sense of sincerity or honesty. So that I don't say "Yah right" and believe you are going to do something unethical even though you say earnestly you won't. If you have any secrets, I would love to know them.

Here is my reply. Something a lot of webmasters forget.

Hi Darren,

I took a quick look at your page. This is what most visitors do when they first check out a site. Web surfers are very impatient! Please don't take offense at my suggestions. These are merely first impressions from someone that has never been to your site before. There is no one big secret.

1. It was not clear to me exactly what the service was that you are providing, judging from the index page. This needs to be more specific. Tell them how you are going to make life easier for them. Get their attention fast. What solutions do you offer for solving their problems!

2. What are the benefits of your product or service? Should be clearly presented right off the bat. Stress benefits NOT features.

3. On the web, a casual, personal approach will pull as much as 400% better than short loud statements. Write your copy on the pages as if you were talking to a friend. Most people can see through hype very quickly. The average internet user is pretty intelligent.

4. Do you have any testimonials? That builds trust better than anything. I use this paragraph and get lots of free testimonials on all our products and services. Of course, you will have to give very good support and customer service to back it up.

------We value & appreciate your comments and suggestions! If we use one of them...you will get credit for the comment or suggestion. Simply include the contact info (URL or email) you would like published!-----

5. Have your contact information very prominent on almost every page. I have it on every page! Toll FREE 1-888-555-9267. There are many customers that will never buy from someone they can't talk to first. Trust that a real person is on the other end! I get new customers off the web all the time that call and buy, because they couldn't talk to someone first at one of my competitors...same product, same service.

6. Offer a money back guarantee! Nothing instills trust more than this. This is a sign of a reputable company, with a quality product/service.

7. If you ask for any personal info (email address, real address, name, etc.) Make it very clear that you will never make it known to anyone!

I really didn't have time to go through your whole site. Again this was just my first impression. Usually that is all the chance you ever get from anyone new to your site.

In conclusion, simply placing yourself in the position of your visitor can give you a whole new outlook toward your website. Ask yourself, what would it take to make you feel comfortable about doing business and buying from this company. Make their first impression a warm, personable, easily accessible, positive experience!



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