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 DJ Profiles

Elite Entertainment started as a one man show in 1982 and now have over 12 systems serving the Central Valley of California. In the beginning, owner Greg Wallace spun records for the local skating rink while stationed in Okinawa Japan while performing a tour of duty in the Marine Corps. That is where he fell in love with the talent of making people party and he has been a DJ ever since. When he came back to the US in 1981, he started working with Bill Heyden, his mentor. Bill taught Greg the fine points of DJing at wedding receptions, class reunions, and corporate events. During this time Greg honed his skills to a fine art. From there Greg took the ball and starting rolling with it.

In 1984, Greg and his lovely wife Jerri, purchased Elite Entertainment from Bill Heyden. They started off slow, building their business little by little by doing a party for anyone who would hire them. Nowadays, Elite Entertainment turns down 10 bookings a day; they can't get enough good DJ's to cover the demand for them. "But that's fine with me", says Jerri Wallace of Elite Entertainment, "We will not put a DJ out there that doesn't stand up to our quality and standard as an Elite Entertainment Disc Jockey. Our first priority is quality, not quantity. Believe me when I say we are working and training first rate disc jockeys as we speak, to wear the Elite Entertainment colors, a black full back vest with gold music notes."

Elite Entertainment prides itself on being customer oriented. They do everything within their power to make sure their clientele are happy. Some of the small tasks their DJs have performed include pouring champagne, lighting candles, moving tables off the dance floor, guarding the bathroom so the bride & groom could consummate their vows, and helping to cut and serve the cake. "We would do just about anything needed to help make the party run smoothly. As well as servicing the customer, we also like to help coordinate every event." They try and keep the reception or party moving in a timely fashion while making sure all the events run smoothly and the other professionals at the event are made aware of what is happening next. Besides playing great music with a wide selection, coordinating and customer service are very important to their success.

Greg and Jerri have equipped their company with twelve identical systems and music libraries. This promotes consistency throughout their company. They also have two karaoke systems and two small systems that they use for ceremonies or as a second system when needed at some events. Elite Entertainment uses Dennon Dual CD players, Numark mixers, Crown and A/B amps, Sonic Cabinets loaded with JBL speakers, Ultimate Stands, wireless mics, and each system contains a Mini Combo lighting package from Colorado Sound N' Lighting.

Greg and Jerri Wallace are very proud of Elite Entertainment and its accomplishments. Their entertainment staff is complemented by a full office and warehouse staff headed up by their office manager, Krista Marie. "We love her like a daughter.", says Greg, "We make it a point to treat our staff like they are family. They have helped make Elite Entertainment what it is today."





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