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 Moore Mutterings

Mike Moore - DJzone staff writer

Greetings One and all,

Last issue I extolled the virtues of MP3, I hope it didn't confuse you to much. Towards the end of last months bit, I mentioned that MP3 "or a yet to be invented" piece of software was the way to go, well it has!!! A couple of weeks ago Microsoft released it's new, updated Media Player for Windows and low and behold, better than MP3. It has a higher compression ratio, whereas MP3 took 44 megs of music and compressed it in to about 3.2 megs, the new media player takes it down to about 2 / 2.5 megs, and as if that wasn't enough the play back quality is far superior.

I haven't had the chance to play with it yet, but I've been told that it interfaces with Real Player G2 and Real Player Jukebox with no problems.

At this rate, in the not to distant future, I can see that every piece of music that the average mobile would need will be stored and played back on a unit no bigger than the average walkman!!!!

Another interesting concept, came about when I was talking to my guru Glenn, If a mobile was using a lap top to run there show from in MP3 format, with a hard drive of 10.2 gigabytes, you could hold about 250 / 300 songs, but taking it a stage further, your main machine at home could have 2*16 gig hard drives which would give you a capacity of about a 1,000 songs, the lap top could access this via a mobile phone and down load a song in MP3 format in about two minutes (subject to connection speed). The fun bit is, somebody asks for a request, " I'm sorry I don't have it here, but give me a couple of minutes and I'll get it for you", now thats got to be worth a tip at the end of the night.

If any one is interested in getting on the net, see me, as I'm about to become a reseller for Clara Net, which after trying all the thirty day demo's I can quite happily say, hand on heart, that this was the only one to load first time, connect first time and in ten months of use, has only dropped out once. They also now run Clara Call which will take your internet connection away from BT and you are billed direct from Clara Net, and with charges of 2.8p / min daytime, 0.9p / min evenings and 0.5p / weekends, currently makes them the cheapest in the country, also tech support is on an 0845, local call rate. And to top it off, if you want to put your own site up, you get up 25 / 50 megs of web space (subject to package). And if your like me, always looking for a good deal, you've just found it.

And now, as they say, something completely different, is it me or are the weddings a bit thin this years? All waiting for next year no doubt. Having said that, in the last three months there's been a glut of 40th and 50th birthday parties, well it all balances out at the end of the day.

It crossed my mind the other day that with the wealth of experience within the membership, that we could possibly produce a package for new members, covering the technical, operations, sales / marketing etc., of a mobile disco. If everybody put there two pence worth in, I'm quite sure we could produce something very useful, and not just for new members. After all, there are things we do as second nature and don't think about, that someone else wouldn't have thought about, and would probably make life easier for them, thats why we're in the association, isn't it?

Just before I go, I would like to thank all the people that have had kind words about me, over the last few editions of the news letter, don't worry the cheques in the post, drawn against my slush fund on the special Dunlop account.

Until the next time that I can join more than two or three words together in some form of intelligent sentence.


PS. I will by looking forward to your comments.




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