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 Gear Zone is the place where you will see it and read about it first! If your company has something new let us know about it. We promise you do not have to advertise with us to get it out to the DJs. news@djzone.com


Pioneer Unveils Rackmount CD Player
Pioneer unveiled the two NEW up coming products this last week at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City and next week at the Plaza show in London. The first, which has the unofficial code name "STEALTH" for it's secret nature will be Pioneer's first entry into "RACK MOUNTED" twin disc CD players. The STEALTH will be feature packed and is due in January.

Pioneer Unveils DJM-600
The DJM-600 mixer which will be the BIG brother of the DJM-500. Here are some possible FAQ's you'll have on the mixer. When will it be available? December'99 Is the DJM-600 replacing the DJM-500? NO ! In fact it's the next level up so it will have a higher price tag than the 500. How much more $ will it be from the DJM-500? Don't know yet. Is the DJM-600 smaller or bigger than the DJM-500? Neither. It's exactly the same size as we've used the same shell body. Will it be a different color? Yes, dark silver (between CDJ-100 and DJM-500) What new features will it have? See below. What are the biggest selling features of this over the DJM-500?The Sampler Plus it has all the 500 effect plus (2) two new ones; Auto transformer and Auto Wah. Will clubs find this more useful than the DJM-500?Yes especially if they are looking for more inputs for VCRs, CD players, or DVD players, etc. Can the sampler work with any manufactures equipment or turntables? Yes works with everything. Can you have multiple samples in memory? No only one at a time How many seconds will the sampler hold in memory? (8) eight seconds

New Features

  • Every channel faders is active no matter which channel is assigned to the cross fader

  • Selectable curve cross fader (3 curve types) Suits any type of DJ (Hip-Hop Scrathers, House, Techno, etc)
  • Replaceable channel faders and cross fader
  • Added one additional line input: (5) CD/Line inputs (3) phono (2) mics
  • Headphone auditioning: monitor balance (Cue/Master)
  • Record out$B!I(B RCA terminal
  • Improved EQ level more than -26dB
  • Expanded and selectable BPM range: 70~140 / 90~180 / 70~180 BPM: making it easier to monitor superfast jungle beats or slow beats
  • Talk over switch
  • Improved effects
  • New effects -Auto transformer, Auto wah (filter)
  • Direct access auto beat effect -1/2,3/4,1/1,2/1,4/1
  • Mix ratio and effect level volume
  • Time range is expanded to ¨ù and 8/1
  • Beat delay
  • Beat sampler info
  • Auto beat sampling record and play
  • Selectable beat -1, 2, 4, 8, 16 beat
  • Auto synchronization recording start with Pioneer CDJ players
  • Manual recording and play
  • Auto stretch loop
  • Auto loop
  • Cross fader sampling fader start play

Vestex Vinyl Cutter
Definatley the star of the Millenium!
We have little information on this new piece of equipment but here it is:

  • Vestax have developed their own vinyl compound to cut on to.

  • Each disc can store 25 mins per side of near pro vinyl quality
  • Cutting head will need to be changed approx. every 20 cuts
  • Vinyl will be available from Vestax at around $50 for 3 discs
  • Life time of vinyl is close to that of pressed records and longer than acetate
  • Expected into stock around Jan 2000

Vestax CDX-35
New modular twin CD player




Electro-Voice Eliminator
The Electro-Voice Eliminator is a 15-inch two-way, very high efficiency stage system. Ring Mode Decoupling (RMD) for improved clarity in the vocal range and consistent quality at all volume levels. RMD "eliminates" mechanical and acoustical resonances in the domain in which they occur leaving only pure, accurate sound. Unique enclosure design has minimal frontal area while maintaining all of the internal volume necessary for good bass. New handle design is comfortable to lift from any angle, reducing the encumbrance of carrying this system. The Eliminator's RoadWood enclosure is half the weight and twice the strength of particleboard, yet weighs only 66 lbs. The tough steel grille and flush-mounted corner protectors make it ready for the abuse of touring. A High-Q 60 x 40 degree horn can project sound far, even in difficult acoustic environments. 300-watt continuous, 1,200-watt short-term power handling ensures high output capability. Genuine American-built Electro-Voice components, including pure titanium diaphragm compression driver and 15-inch cast frame woofer. Five-year parts and labor warranty. High performance and high value.




Numark SM-3 Mixer
New 3 channel version of the SM-1 with hamster switches on each channel and assignable crossfader.



Numark CD Mix-1
New twin CD player with antishock and abuilt in mixer.
The mixer features 4 channels and mic input and crossfader start for the CD player.
This also has mixer inputs for decks and other line inputs and seperate 1/2 outputs for the CD player.



Stanton SK Mixers
Stanton Magnetics announced at Plasa a new range of DJ mixer products on the Lamba stand. The SK One, SK Two and SK Five two-channel mixers provide all the features required by today's professional DJs. These include smooth photo-coupler crossfader operation, fader reverse function, curve adjustment and more. Following on will be the RM Three, which has been designed with the professional dance DJ/producer in mind. Features of this three-channel mixer include an effects loop, kill switches and crossfader reverse function. The move signals the beginning of a new era for Stanton and will be followed by further high-end professional DJ equipment.

Sennheiser Wireless Mics
Sennheiser's new evolution wireless microphone series. The new series brings Sennheiser's well-known high quality wireless technology to all levels of the market.

Designed and built by Sennheiser in Germany, evolution wireless operates exclusively on professional UHF frequencies. With a rugged build quality (including metal body construction of all handheld and bodypack transmitters) all systems feature frequency switchable operation, true diversity receiver technology, a new HDX compander system for a clearer audio signal, and a choice of microphone capsules and system configurations.

Evolution wireless comprises three series – 100, 300 and 500. The 100 series offers high-quality transmission and reception never before available at an entry level price. The 300 offers more advanced control and operating capabilities, with eight preset frequencies to switch between to provide wireless microphone systems for entire groups, or for medium-sized theatre, broadcast, location sound or conferencing requirements. The 500 series, meanwhile, includes 16 switchable frequencies for large-scale multi-channel wireless operation. evolution wireless also includes an in-ear monitoring capability with a high quality, frequency agile IEM set, at a truly affordable price.





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