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DJPro 3.0 Now Shipping

DJ Pro™ is the ultimate solution for DJ's concerned with client management, event scheduling, contracts, songlist management and the myriad other administrative tasks that are of vital importance but can eat up your valuable time.

Whether you have an established business or are just starting out, DJ Pro™ will simplify and enhance the operation of your company. It is a Windows 95/98 program designed to be both user-friendly and a powerful ally in running your operation. And all DJ Pro software is Y2K compatible.

This powerful software will place all facets of your business in one easy-to- manage location. No more fumbling with figures, papers, lists, notes, and incomplete records. Take control of your business now.

Let DJ Pro manage everything effortlessly and accurately!

Download your demo today: http://www.djpro.net

DJTimes and others announce new shows

DJTimes during a vendor meeting in Atlantic City announced due to the emence size of the DJ Times show they ahve outgrown their current facility and will be moving to larger quarters at the new Atlantic City Convention Center. During this meeting DJ Times also revieled tenative plans for a Spring Westcoast show in early March to be held in either LA or San Francisco. http://www.djtimes.com

John Huges producer of the Mid-America DJ Convention has confirmed the move of the show to a larger more modern facility. The Doubletree Club Hotel will be host to this ever growing show June 5, 6, 7, 2000 http://www.midamericadj.com

Jim Griffin of CanAm Segue has announced DJ World 2000. Segue is moving the show back to it's origional birthplace, Waterloo Ontario, Canada. With the success of the Niagra show Jim says he has been contacted by many that are wanting to support his April 14, 15, 16, 2000 show. http://www.canamsegue.com

Keith Alan has announced his April 2001 DJ show to take place at the Casino Resort in the world, Foxwood Resort Casino. More info to follow.

Is Your Hair Y2K Compliant?

L'anz Research has struck upon a new tool to ad to your upsells and props. Fractals (Giga-Hold/F12) hair gel. Fractals with UV activators are for those that are not afraid to glow. Fractals, when exposed to black light, transform hair into a psychedelic Picasso. You wanna glow at night, yet appear more mild mannered by day... Apply Fractals to wet hair and style as usual. You want schizophrenic spikes...... Apply different color Fractals to your spiky do and then let it glow (remember that Fractals only glow under blacklight conditions). Feeling a little wicked? You want life to imitate art....... Start with your hair dry have different color Fractals open in front of you.... Now have fun! i You DON'T have to color within the lines. For the perfectionist, apply under blacklight. Transform your hair into a glowing green landscape - sort of a retro,outer-space alien vibe with Shocking Green or translucent and sort of iridescent Bright White

Note: Some of the DJs from DJzone tested this product at a "Blacklight Dance" and their entire stock went in minutes. The students loved it.

 For more information on CTRL or any of L'anza's haircare solutions, call your local L'anza Distributor or L'anza Research International at 1-888 - I - USE - LANZA. In Europe call (44) 1296 612062 or visit our website at www.lanzahair.com.





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