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Book Review




The Green Book-Jeff Green

Have you ever had a client say, "My parents used to own a gas station. Do you have any gas station songs?" You just sit there and think, "gas station songs?", where the heck am I going to find gas station songs? Well believe it or not you might just have all sorts of gas station related tunes in your music and never even knew about it. That's where the Green Book comes in. Now you can find songs to fit any mood, holiday, or occasion, instantly! Author Jeff Green has painstakingly classified over 21,000 popular songs of the 20th Century, as performed by more than 7000 artists, into over 800 categories based on their core themes. The Green Book covers all styles of music, including standards, top 40 hits, oldies, rock, country, R&B, jazz, alternative, Broadway, folk, blues, Cajun, reggae, rap, TV themes, marching band music, children's songs and novelty songs. You name it, it's probably in The Green Book! For years, The Green Book Of Songs By Subject has been a cherished secret of movie, TV, radio and music industry pros and now is a very major part of my office library. Oh yeah, gas station songs, here are a few listed that I have in my music and never knew about:


  • Walkaway Joe- Trisha Yearwood

  • Ethelene- Ray Stevens

  • Great Filling Station Holdup- Jimmy Buffet

  • Open All Night- Bruce Sprinsteen


This just names a few that are listed. From Africa to Crazy, God to Night, Questions to States over 800 categories you will find the songs you need to please that finicky client.




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