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Walla Balla

So you bought a set of the Walla Ballas to use for barmitsvas, picnics and parties. You've used them a couple of times and thought if only there was more to do with them. Your prayers have been answered. You don't have to pack them away after using them at one function. We have come up with a list of games you can use them for. For those of you that have no idea what a Walla Balla is read on. Walla Balla is a novelty party game created by IceBreaker Enterprises of Atlanta Georgia in the US. It consists of three small baskets attached to a backboard you strap to your waist. Hanging from this backboard is a ball on a string. They come in multiple colors and are easy to adjust to fit even the smallest child.

Game 1

The first player to put the ball in a basket goes to the next round. Use quarter finals, semi-finals, and finals to determine a winner. (4 to 10 players per initial round)

Game 2

Score as many points as possible within a predetermined time or song. A scorekeeper is required. (2 to 6 players per round)

Game 3

Select a color sequence (ie. red, blue, yellow) and the first player to score in that sequence wind (2 to12 players)

Game 4

Once a player has gotten the ball in the basket, they must pass the ball to the remaining two baskets without letting the ball fall. (4 to 12 players)

Game 5

The first player to get their ball in a basket has set the goal, to put the ball in that specific basket, (ie blue). All other players have a time limit, or a particular song, to make the same basket, (ie blue). Players who don't have their ball in the specific basket (blue) get a letter (ie "H"). The game begins again with the first ball in a basket deciding the color. Players continue to play until they have received all five letters ("H", "O", "R", "S", "E") at which time they are out of the game. This game can last a long time. (4 to20 players)


Game 6

The first team to have their players have their ball in a basket is the winning team. Variations include: a) picking a specific color basket, b) best winning time, c) most total points. It is best to have no more than three teams participating at a time. Ideas for teams include: management vs. staff, students vs. teachers, girls vs. boys, seniors vs. juniors, etc. (8 to 24 players)


The above list was compiled from various sources including Icebreakers a book by John Rozz



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