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Voco Pro Twister The Perfect Rental

In some places around the country you might think karaoke is dead and you can't make any money from it. Okay I'll give karaoke has been run into the ground at most conventional places were there used to be money like bars and lounges, but now it is showing up in very unconventional places like VFW halls, Class Reunions, Family Reunions and other smaller events. These events don't operate with the budget the bars used to so it is not cost effective to send a person out to them hauling all the karaoke equipment to do a show. What is the second best way of servicing these new clients? Rent! According to Jim DePello of Foxboro MA he saw the demise of his karaoke accounts long ago and wanted to continue producing an income from those expensive CDGs of which he has so many of. After some research he came upon a company based in the City of Industry, CA, VocoPro and their Twister all in one turnkey karaoke system. After a six months of being the only guy in town with the forethought to invest in turnkey karaoke systems Jim was sending out some 5 twister systems with 5 Sound Pro Foundation/Brick libraries for the average price of $200 a weekend. He claims all he has to do is help the client load system and take their money. No employees, no setting up, no time, and lots of money.

Now, with the technological help of VocoPro, frustrated singers are no longer banished to the musical confines of the shower. VocoPro's portable karaoke unit, the Twister, brings the fun and excitement of the karaoke experience out of the bar and into the living room. "The Twister is a karaoke unit perfect for amateurs and seasoned pros alike," said L.J. Janosik, vice president of sales and marketing at VocoPro. "With so many features, the Twister can provide hours upon hours of entertainment and fun."

A 19-step digital key controller allows users to adjust the sound to fit their own voice range. A shock resistant CDG player (a compact disc player that plays regular and karaoke CDs with graphics) lets singers play their favorite selections and allow along with written lyrics displayed on a separated television screen via the Twister's video output. In addition, a built-in tape player lets singers record their songs and play them back later.

The Twister also features a six way stereo system with four 8-inch woofers and two Motorola horn tweeters to make any area you set the unit up in our own personal karaoke studio.

Measuring only 22-by-18 inches and weighing just under 59 pounds, the Twister is perfect to take to virtually any party location. A sturdy, black carpeted, wood road case ensures the twister is completely protected when traveling. It has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $1299.00.

Two microphone jacks allow a user and friend to sing like their favorite stars as an echo processor provides the singer's voices with reverberation and a "touch of rock star quality"

Three audio inputs allow users to hook up laser disc players, DVDs or any other audio component for additional entertainment options. Two video inputs provide video switching capabilities.

"No other karaoke machine combines the power, sound quality and features into such a compact and portable machine," said Janosik. "In addition, with numerous input and output plugs, other audio or video components can be added to increase the total entertainment impact."

With 25 years experience in the music entertainment business, VocoPro features a variety of karaoke machines for home and professional use.


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