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Marketing To Clubs and Organizations

Kerry Mc Cullough

There are many clubs and organizations in most areas. Clubs? You mean the Dance Clubs right? No, the local VFW, AMVETS, FOP, FOE, American Legion, Canadian Legion, Polish Club, Slovak Club, Italian American Veterans, Knights of Columbus, and so on. This is just a few of the many registered as non-profit clubs and organizations. You may search online at

Organizations are abundant in all areas. You have the Chamber of Commerce, local Building Industry Associations, Alcoholics Anonymous; Big Brothers/Sisters; Parents without Partners and your local community action agencies are just some resources in your area that you may want to market.

Let us explore just one person's opinion and ideas on how to market to these areas of opportunity.

1. JOIN! That is right, Join. Join the club or organization and become an active, dues paying member. You may know someone who is already a member of a club, and can get your foot in the door.

2. Be active! Volunteer to sit on a board, assist in planning, sell raffle tickets, etc. The more active you become, the more people know you. The more they know you, the more they recognize you. Recognition is good; it breeds bookings without ever performing.

3. Try a Free night. Promote it; let them know that ABC Mobile DJ Service, a member of this organization, is providing a free night of entertainment. Do it in the format that you are marketing. If it is Karaoke, then have a Karaoke night. If it is a sock hop, do it as a sock hop, you may want the club to provide some small prizes for the 'best dressed'. How about the old line dancing night. We all do some line dancing, and if you break it down to steps, and teach one step at a time, well, people tend to learn it, and really enjoy it. If your forte is Disc Jockey, then just DJ the night, do it in a format that fits the crowd, of course.

In a club setting, such as an AMVETS, do it on a night that (1) It will be successful, and (2) a night that you have opened. Do not do it on a Saturday if you perform at weddings most of the time, this will just confuse the club, your new following, and make it obvious that your bread and butter is the higher priced wedding market. If you promote it right, and give it your best pitch, you will be successful at your show, you will also be able to go to the manager and see what they think about making it a permanent happening. If they do not go with you right away, do not get discouraged, stay active with the club, they will remember you and when someone books their hall, they will refer you without hesitation.

There are many benefits to clubs. Generally, they close earlier than the public bars, they have a following that makes it easier on you, and they are very loyal to their members as well as their entertainment.

Organizations are a different breed. They are generally not alcohol related, they have only one or two events per year, however, and they do have membership. Members have children that have birthdays, turn 16, graduate, marry and they do celebrate anniversaries. Great sources of referrals are untapped because of the lost art of networking within the area you live. Use all the resources that are available to you and market yourself, your company and your DJ's.

Kerry has been entertaining since 1980. He originally started DJing in a small radio station in southern Indiana. Kerry operates Final Touch Entertainment and is also a member of the with the national DJ search site




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