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 American DJ Awards













Happy holidaze everyone!

Welcome to that ultra busy December crunch time again. A full month of self centered demanding clients, obnoxious drunks making stupid music requests and the agonizing feeling of detachment while performing for total strangers on New Years Eve. So why do we endure this season of premeditated torture? Why do we put up with everything from corporate chaos resulting from the frenzied fruit of a years labor to the chronic well wishing from the family black sheep? Because when 1998 becomes a fading blur in the rearview mirror, we'll be with fellow veteran DJ's in Las Vegas partying like it's 1999!

The golden opportunity that comes around once a year to Mobile DJ's to combine prudent business with self indulgent pleasure. The chance to get out of town to see old friends, make some new ones too and write off the whole adventure as a tax expense! A hard earned week to ourselves in entertainment paradise. One spent networking, shopping and relaxing at the Mobile Beat DJ conference. It is also time to reward those amongst us that are deserving of a job well done. Time to see the latest new dances, original games and interactive skits. As well as a chance to win valuable DJ gear door prizes. It's time for the 4th annual American Disc Jockey Awards. This year is going to be different. This year is going to see changes. This year's Awards Show will be the best one ever. For starters, the competition winners for "Male and Female Entertainer of the year" as well as "Propmaster of the year" will win a combination cash prize and DJ gear worth $1,000.00. Awards Show attendees will learn dances, games and skits to take home and use in their markets. Some lucky DJ's will win a variety of fabulous door prizes. We've even added a chance for people to win a prize by simply looking good. You may wear whatever you want, however, guests arriving formally attired will be seated in the front center section and be given a colored ticket for a drawing of "Best dressed attendee". Everyone will get to visit the all new "Hall of Fame" exhibit, be dazzled by the intelligent lights, and move until midnight to the deluxe sound system.

To insure that this year's performers are the best possible, we've created an audition at noon January 14 to separate the mice from the men. It will be followed by a rehearsal where every segment of the Show will fine tuned. To participate in the talent selection please contact the American Disc Jockey Awards at (714) 634-1774 to place your name on the list. If you know of a deserving DJ in the categories of "Best Club DJ", "Best Karaoke DJ", "Best Country/Western DJ" or "Best technical DJ" and would like to nominate them, then please do so by December 10, 1998. Nominations are open to the entire industry and Nominees must be present to win. Seating is limited, tickets are $20.00 at the convention and $15.00 presale if purchased by December 31, 1998. Call (909) 626-1005 for credit card orders (there will be a small service charge added) or send a check made payable to the: American Disc Jockey Awards, 1015 E. Katella Ave. Suite B, Anaheim, CA 92805. ShowTime is 8:00pm to 10:00pm January 14, 1999 with a post party in the Caribbean ballroom until midnight.

So come on out to honor the best and learn something new with great odds to win some pro DJ gear too!

See you at the Tropicana Hotel!

Ken Knotts

American Disc Jockey Awards









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