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Mobile Beat 1999

By JP Swisher

Las Vegas

Not more than five months after a very successful DJ Times Expo in Atlantic City New Jersey Mobile Beat will try to raise the bar a little with their forth annual DJ Show and Conference.

An impressive array of national speakers are lined up including last years Bob Popyk, publisher of Creative Selling and Lynton V. Harris Creative Director and Executive producer of Madison Scare Garden spook alley. Mr. Popyk will be doing a presentation called "How To Sell Your Toughest Customers, 90% of The Time!" It will be about selling to the real world. The opening day will be topped off with entertainment from a Live Band called Hep Cats doing swing music and a demonstration of what prodj.com and others are calling the replacement for the Macarena, Tony Modica's PIZZA DANCE!

Day 2 will open with Lynton V. Harris of Madison Scare Garden. Starting out as a mobile DJ in his native Australia, Harris will address aggressive marketing strategies for your business. Throughout the day other more traditional seminars like the Mitzvah Connection and Record Keeping and Tax for DJs will be held. As with other topics the "Icebreaker" seminar has been brought back for another round.

He's not a DJ, he's a network systems analyst, William Harvey will be opening day 3 with his seminar "Audio Quality: Can You Really Hear the Difference?". During his seminar he will inform and enlighten you as to the future of audio as we know it. The wrapup day will also have "Mixing For Mobiles", "Audio Troubleshooting" and other interesting seminars.

Being touted by Trade Show Producer Mike Buonaccorso in the latest issue of Mobile Beat as leaning more towards "tuxedo" wearing DJs than the ones in "backward baseball caps" it should be interesting to see what unfolds in January.


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