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You read the story now check out the music for yourself. Here is all the swing music you will ever need.

New Generation Swing



It's Hot And Swinging!
With the late-'90s swing revival in full you-know-what, neo-swing compilations became de rigeur. While many of the groups appearing on these collections are regarded (often correctly) as bandwagon jumpers, groups like Royal Crown Revue are obviously men with a mission, and it's nice to see former Stray Cat Brian Setzer enjoy a second incarnation as a big band leader. The most important thing about NEXT GENERATION SWING is that it introduces some previously "underground" artists to the world at large, as in the case of the phenomenally talented Dave's True Story, whose "Daddy-O" is the left-field highlight of this compilation. Those interested in further pursuing Dave's True Story's potent combination of smooth vocalizing (from neo-chanteuse Kelly Flint) and literate, world-class songwriting (guitarist David Cantor) are directed to the duo's own album SEX WITHOUT BODIES.

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01. Jump, Jive, An' Wail - Louis Prima
02. Route 66 - Brian Setzer Orchestra
03. Don't Let Go - Mighty Blue Kings
04. Zoot Suit Riot - Chill Pill Dancers
05. Datin' With No Dough - Royal Crown Revue
06. Blue Suit Boogie - Indigo Swing
07. The Rascal King - Mighy Mighty Bosstones

08. Hey Kat - Speak Easy Spies
09. I Get A Kick Out Of You - Wally's Swing World
10. Checkbook Daddy-O - Swingtips
11. Sing Sing Sing - Lee Press-On & Nails
12. Daddy-O - Dave's True Story
13. Oak Tree - Alien Fashion Show
14. Jumpin' At The Green Mill - Mighty Blue Kings

Hipsters Zoots & Wingtips
90s Swingers



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01. Hey Pachuco! - Royal Crown Revue
02. Go Daddy-O - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
03. Mr. Zoot Suit - The Flying Neutrinos
04. It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing) - Big Time Operator
05. Hit That Jive Jack - Diana Krall
06. The Boogie Man - Red & The Red Hots
07. Swing Lover - Indigo Swing
08. Good Morning Judge - Blue Jumpers

09. Oo Poppa Do - Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Lickers
10. Enough For You (Mop Mop) - Ron Sunshine & Full Swing
11. Jumptown - Steve Lucky & The Rhumba Bums
12. Bill's Bounce (Live) - The Bill Elliot Swing Orch
13. She Can't Dance - Set 'Em Up Joe
14. Swing Shift - Jumpin' Jimes
15. This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof - The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy!
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Grunge angst got old. We wanted to have fun. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy was there, ready with serviceable, pumped-up swing. Their music is straight, uptempo, dance floor jazz. There's nothing particularly original going on, but the sleazy horns and snappy arrangements get the job done. There's nothing campy or tongue-in-cheek either; the music just barrels ahead...like good rock & roll.

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1. The Boogie Bumper
2. Mr. Pinstripe Suit
3. King Of Swing
4. Minnie The Moocher
5. You & Me & The Bottle Makes 3 Tonight (Baby)
6. Jump With My Baby

7. Maddest Kind Of Love
8. Go Daddy-O
9. Please Baby
10. Mambo Swing
11. Jumpin' Jack
12. So-Long-Farewell-Goodby!

Swing This, Baby!

Swing revivalists only occasionally play music that pays more than passing tribute to Ellington or Goodman. Instead their sounds range from big-band territory to jump blues and rockabilly. Swing This, Baby! surveys 15 of these groups, from platinum and gold sellers (the Brian Setzer Orchestra, the Cherry Poppin' Daddies, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy) to more obscure outfits such as the New Morty Show. Quality varies wildly, particularly in the area of vocals, but fans of the new stylists will dig this set.

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1. Jumpin' Jack - Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
2. Ding Dong Daddy Of The D-Car Line - Cherry Poppin' Daddies
3. Night Out - Blue Plate Special
4. That Mellow Saxophone, (Every Time I Hear) - Brian Setzer Orchestra
5. We Still Talk The Way Lovers Do - Johnny Favourite Swing Orchestra
6. Datin' With No Dough - Royal Crown Revue (live)
7. Bill's Bounce - Bill Elliot Swing Orchestra
8. Rumpus Room Honeymoon - Steve Lucky And The Rhumba Bums

9. Knockin' At Your Door - The New Morty Show
10. Mr. Zoot Suit - Flying Neutrinos
11. Pick Up The Phone - Swingerhead
12. Black And White - Bellevue Cadillac
13. We The Boys Will Rock Ya - The Big Six
14. Boogie Man - Red & The Red Hots
15. Lost For Words - The Crescent City Maulers

All Aboard!
Indigo Swing



Rock n' Roll Based Swing
The swing revival of the late 1990s has been a boon for many acts that have been jumpin' and jivin' for years, San Francisco's Indigo Swing among them. But where many of those acts are hybrids of traditional swing mixed with punk, ska, or rockabilly, Indigo Swing stick much closer to a traditional, jazz-boogie version of the form. With a couple of hoppin' exceptions ("Blue Suit Boogie," "Drinkin' It Up"), this record is filled mostly with a hardy selection of down-tempo, horn- and piano-based ballads that are finely suited to Johnny Boyd's smooth, soulful croon. Even when they cut loose, Indigo Swing invoke a sophisticated, bluesy style far removed from much of the kitschy, rock-&-roll-based swing of their contemporaries.

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1. Indigo Swing, The
2. I'm Glad I'm Not Dead, (Today's The Day)
3. How Lucky Can One Guy Be
4. Blue Suit Boogie
5. Baron Plays The Horses
6. That's Where My Money Goes
7. Hot In Harlem

8. Regular Joe
9. What's The Matter, Baby?
10. Violent Love
11. Way We Ought To Be
12. Drinkin' It Up
13. So Long
14. Memory Of You

Indigo Swing
Indigo Swing

The Best modern swing album
Forget loud but messy bands like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and the Cherry Poppin' Daddies. This is the swing band of the moment, smooth and effortless with infectious rythmn, beautiful vocals, and a unified sound. They'd do Prima, Basie, and Goodman proud!

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1. Pink Cadillac
2. Reet Petite & Gone
3. Please Tell 'em
4. I Can't Stop It
5. My Baby Just Cares For
6. I Love Paris
7. Swing Lover

8. Flip Flop & Fly
9. My Baby Comes 'round At 8
10. Red Door Blues
11. Baby Baby
12. Choo Choo Ch'boogie
13. She Dreams Of Me
14. Rollin' With Roland

New Morty Show



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1. Baby What's Up
2. White Wedding (rebel Yell) Madly
3. Out Of Control
4. 15 Months In Jail
5. Buddah's Bounce
6. Blue Martini

7. In The Groove
8. Shoppin' Mall Mama
9. Kockin' At Your Door
10. Enter Sandman
11. Caldonia

Jump Swing From Hell
Lee and The Press On Nails



Two words, folks: one take
Man, I listen to the CD and hear EVERYTHING that's wrong, from the intonations, bad notes and tempos to moments in my own solos. I'm sure my ear is more hypercritical than the average listener's. But I feel that it does a great job of capturing the atmosphere of our live shows, and is a hell of a lot of fun. We've since changed some personnel, and now a year later are heavier, tighter and swing harder than ever. Just take into consideration that all of these songs were recorded in one take. No overdubs, no studio magic to fix mistakes, nada. We will be recording a studio album of predominantly original material this year, so stay tuned!

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1. Pickin' Up The Cabbage
2. Caldonia
3. Big Pants Dance
4. Powerhouse
5. Deal Me In
6. I'm Beginning To See The Light

7. Pennies From Heaven
8. Mississsippi Darling
9. Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
10. Five Months, Two Weeks, Two Days (Medley)
11. Hot For Teacher
12. Sing Sing Sing

One Hour Mama
Lavay Smith & Her Red Hot Skillet Licker



Quintessential Big Band Blues/Swing
Lavay Smith and the Skillet Lickers (LS&RHSL) is a truly remarkable ensemble. The combined musical experience of the members probably amounts to something like 500 years. Some of the members in the horn section, for example, played with the originators of Big Band Blues, like Duke Ellington, Dorsey, and others. Smith's vocals have a polished smoothness that is unlike anything else on the jazz scene today.
"One Hour Mama" is a fulfilling introduction to LS&RHSL, and showcases not only Lavay's vocal stylings, but also the incredible polish of the rest of the band, particularly the horn section. The production quality of this CD is very good, with a warm, rich, mellow sound reminiscent of the early vinyl blues recordings, but without all the background noise.
If you are a fan of Big Band Blues and Swing, you owe it to yourself to check them out. And if you ever get a chance to see them live, roll right on down to the ticket office and grab those chits, because--short of going back in time--you will never have another opportunity to see and hear this music played the way it was originally made. At the very least, you need to buy this CD.

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1. Oo Poppa Do
2. Blue Skies
3. New Blowtop Blues
4. What's The Matter With You
5. Squeeze Me
6. And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine

7. Going To Chicago Blues
8. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
9. Downhearted Blues
10. Walk Right In Walk Right Out
11. One Hour Mama

Perennial Favorite
Squirrel Nut Zippers

Recorded over a year before its release and put on hold thanks to the phenomenal ride of 1996's Hot, their third release is where the jazz-hoppin' Squirrel Nut Zippers separate from the rest of the nostalgic Voodoo Cherry Daddy pack. Perennial Favorites covers a lot of ground: aching balladry ("Low Down Man," complete with pedal steel and intoned lovingly by chanteuse Katharine Whalen), hilarious show-tune homages ("Ghost of Stephen Foster"), romping props to the past ("Pallin' with Al," a nod to guitarist Al Casey). Thanks to imaginative arrangements, "The Kraken" and "My Drag" transcend retro hipness to forge unique sonic paths. "Suits Are Picking Up the Bill," a zingy diatribe on capitalism, may not turn out to be a smash hit like the earlier "Hell," but these Favorites should endure.

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1. Suits Are Picking Up The Bill
2. Low Down Man
3. Ghost Of Stephen Foster
4. Pallin' With Al
5. Fat Cat Keeps Getting Fatter
6. Trou Macacq

7. My Drag
8. Soon
9. Evening At Lafitte's
10. The Kraken
11. That Fascinating Thing
12. It's Over

Squirrel Nut Zippers

...a sextet of multi-instrumentalists who reach back to the hot jazz of the '30s and '40s for heated inspiration....The band's greatest triumph is that in digging into the past they've created music with wickedly fresh energy....HOT dishes out an almost frightening amount of fun...

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1. Got My Own Thing Now
2. Put A Lid On It
3. Memphis Exorcism
4. Twilight
5. It Ain't You
6. Prince Nez

7. Hell
8. Meant To Be
9. Bad Businessman
10. Flight Of The Passing Fancy
11. Blue Angel
12. Interlocutor, The

Zoot Suit Riot
Cherry Poppin' Daddies

One of a handful of pop groups in the latter half of the 1990s to exploit the renewed interest in American roots (swing, big band, soul) music, this Eugene, Oregon ensemble scored big with a neat modern update of the old school. Purists take note: Cherry Poppin' Daddies built a following by touring with third-wave ska outfits like Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Reel Big Fish, prompting main Daddy Steve Perry to wryly call his group "third-wave swing." But post-Swingers dance fanatics (rockabilly retro-cats, modern-day sockhoppers, and Royal Crown Revue boosters) don't sweat the particulars. Charged horn arrangements, bouncy rhythms, and saucy verve effectively recall masters like Basie, Cab, and Ol' Blue Eyes while injecting an unmistakable post-punk ethic.

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1. Zoot Suit Riot
2. Ding-Dong Daddy Of The D-Car Line
3. When I Change Your Mind
4. Here Comes The Snake
5. Mister White Keys
6. Come Back To Me
7. Brown Derby Jump


8. Dr. Bones
9. Pink Elephant
10. Master And Slave
11. Drunk Daddy
12. No Mercy For Swine - (previously unreleased)
13. Cherry Poppin' Daddy Strut
14. Shake Your Lovemaker

The Dirty Boogie
Brian Setzer, Brian Setzer Orchestra

Brian Setzer has spent much of his career revving up already hot retro styles to a booming pitch. While this generally worked in his early years with the rockabilly Stray Cats, it largely fails with his swing orchestra. Louis Prima--whose "Jump Jive an' Wail" is faithfully remade here--wasn't exactly the king of subtlety himself, but even he might have covered his ears at the blare produced by the combination of Setzer's (admittedly sharp) guitar playing and a too-bright horn section. A couple of The Dirty Boogie's cuts are cute ("You're the Boss," an Elvis Presley/Ann-Margret duet, is recast for Setzer and No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani), but fans of the Cherry Poppin' Daddies and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy might think twice

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1. This Cat's On A Hot Tin Roof
2. Dirty Boogie, The
3. This Old House
4. Let's Live It Up
5. Sleepwalk
6. Jump, Jive, An' Wail
7. You're The Boss

8. Rock This Town
9. Since I Don't Have You
10. Switchblade 327
11. Nosey Joe
12. Hollywood Nocturne
13. As Long As I'm Singin'

Caught In The Act
Royal Crown Review

From the first note to the last, RCR sinks their swing hooks into you and they just don't let go. I love their originals, but was quite pleased to hear the Duke's "Mooche". Recognize any "Sing Sing Sing" in "Barflies at the Beach"? Nice renditions. Very talented group of fellows, I must say. Scott Steen struts his stuff on trumpet, while the drum breaks on "Hey Pachuco!" will get you moving! Listen hard and you'll hear many famous cartoons. WOW!!

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1. Intro
2. Barflies At The Beach
3. Boogie After Midnight
4. Something's Gotta Give
5. Honey Child
6. Park's Place
7. The Mooch

8. Hey Pachuco!
9. Who Dat?
10. Mousetrap
11. Datin' With No Dough
12. Hot Rod
13. Poppity Pop Goes The Motorcycle

Mugzy's Move
Royal Crown Review

Perfection: Thy name is Royal Crown Revue
This is the album. From serious to fun, each tune wis well-composed, very well-sung, and the lyrics... beauty. That's right, beauty. There are few swing bands that can write better lyrics (in fact, the only one that comes to mind is Blue Plate Special). "Zip Gun Bop", "Datin' With No Dough", and "The Rise and Fall of the Great Mondello" are fun without being silly. "Hey, Pachuco!" & "Mugzy's Move" are great tunes with serious vocals. And the covers... pure heaven.

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1. Hey Pachuco!
2. Zip Gun Bop
3. Mugzy's Move
4. I Love The Life I Live
5. The Walkin' Blues
6. Beyond The Sea
7. Park's Place

8. Datin' With No Dough
9. Touble In Tinsel Town
10. Topsy
11. The Rise And Fall Of The Great Mondello
12. Honey Child
13. Hey Pachuco! (Reprise)
14. Barflies At The Beach





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