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 by....Mike Fernino

Back up equipment is something, no professional dj/entertainer should be without.

I have heard all the reasons and excuses or not having one, now here are the reasons why you can't afford to be without it! No equipment is infallible, and even new toys, right out of the box, can fail. Imagine being on a wedding. You are about to introduce the wedding party, and your mixer goes down. What do you do if you don't have backup??? I'm sure the bride and groom would not accept you singing their first dance! The bottom line people, is we have a responsibility to bring a full backup sound system, and have it in our vehicle, on grounds at all times!!! Not a mixer, not one speaker, not an amp, but a full system, wired and ready to bait your neck out from the fire at a moments notice! That is the key, be ready for the worst, and if the worst happens, guess what?, you'll be ready!

I know that some of the large dj companies feature a crew that is "ON CALL," at all times. Let me tell you why that will not cut it. While the dj sits there waiting for the repair crew to come to the rescue, he is making his clients lose time, and that is unacceptable. I have heard of a dj, that worked for a large outfit, wait two hours for a repair crew to service him. By that time, the wedding was damaged beyond repair, and the law suit was "in the mail!" If he had a system in his truck, all that would have to happen is him walking out to the parking lot. He would be up and back in business within five minutes. That is why you must have a wired, system ready to go.

Every time we sign a contract with a client, we owe it to ourselves to protect that client. We can't stop the rain from falling, or the food from being bad, but we can control the things that apply to us. The entertainment, the most important part of any event!!! "I have never seen a prime rib save a wedding on its own, yet!"

Did you know that having back up equipment, is a great selling point to the client?? Use it to your advantage! Let the client know, you have their best interests at heart, and that you are a true professional. It will increase your business, I guarantee it. This does not have to cost an arm and a legit Small basic systems can be put together for a modest budget. Just have something!

Do you get the point? I will conclude this article with a true story about a dj who learned the lesson I am preaching today!

I was in the middle of a wedding. A dj came running in from the banquet room that was next door. "Do you have player?" He asked with a desperate tone in his voice. I replied," where is your extra cd deck?" He then told me what I already figured. " I don't have anything else. Quick can you help me? I have only five minutes left on Paradise by the dashboard lights!" I said," No problem, here is one of my backup dual cd players, and it you a $50 rental fee."

"What, you're going to charge me?," he said totally surprised. I said, "For wear and tear, besides, it will cost you a lot more in the refund you would have to give the Bride and Groom, while the music is off, and you are driving to Radio Shack!"

He reluctantly gave me the money and rushed back to his room.

At the end of the wedding he came to return the player. I asked if he had learned a lesson, and promptly refunded his $50. I told him to put it towards his backup system, and I would have to imagine he went right out and purchased one.

If you don't have one, you should



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