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 Licensed To Spin

Sid Vanderpool

No matter where you are, you see them. From Dodge Vipers to lime green Gremlins, they make your wheels speak without saying a word. Some call them advertisements, others call them vehicle personalization; we will use what our local department of motor vehicles list them as, vanity plates. Vanity is such a wonderful name for the personalized tags because it's meanings cut both ways...; excessive pride in oneself or quality of being vain and something worthless, trivial, or pointless. Why do some of us spend more on a set of vanity plates than we do on an association membership? Some say unlike DJ associations, the plates always speak for you; if they get dirty a fifty cent car wash will clean them up, if they get dented or don't say what you want them to, you can trade them in on a new set. Your vanity plates let you express yourself.

According to Bill Kexel from DJ's For You, there is a downside to the vanity plate craze. "Moving to Phoenix from a small town in the rural midwest, I wondered why there weren't many DJs that displayed vanity plates. The fact is: Your setting yourself up for trouble. I talked to many DJs that stopped displaying their company name on their vehicles due to theft, vandalism and disgruntled competitors.", Bill explains in his post on the forum boards at DJchat.com. "If I'm on the way to my gig and my van is full of DJ gear, I can't leave it alone for a minute while I run into Walmart, etc. There's a good chance the van & gear would be gone when I came back! As much as I'd like to advertise on my vehicle, I'd rather remain anonymous. Unless I'm living in Mayberry, I won't do it.".

From around the World, we found plenty of DJs that are willing to take the risk to display their plates.

Scott McKinney
Solid Sound Entertainment
Loveland, Colorado

Magic Man
Audio Magic! Entertainment
Columbus, Indiana

Bassline DJs

Bernie Howard's Truck
Chicago, Illinois

Bernie Howard's Car
Chicago, Illinois

Big Dog Entertainment
Catawissa, PA

Jose Cruz
Cruz'n Music Machine

Follansbee, West Virginia

Mike, Charlotte NC

John Finnegan
Fogg Sound

Nick Logan - New Zealand

Kenny Gilder, The Wedding Pages

Glenn Miller
Ottawa Disc Jockey Service

DJ Chuckster
Adventures In Harmony

The Sound Connection
Tim Tharp, Mobile DJ
Serving NE Montana

Scott Susor
Your DJ

Tazz Productions
New Jersey

Team DJ
Central Ohio

Treble Clef - Sound & Services

High Impact DJs
Chicagoland's Choice For Entertainment!

Mad Platter DJs

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