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Michael Pool


You know the pitch but let me try it on you again: Karaoke needs to be a part of the services you offer. Many industry experts predict that in the near future karaoke will be as common as lighting is to the mobile jock. So don't be shy. You don't have to be a great singer (it's almost better if you're not) to successfully run a karaoke show. But you need to be a good entertainer and you already know how to do that! KJ'ing is just a different kind of entertainment "spin". With the affordability of both karaoke hardware and software, the time is ripe to upsell your clients to add karaoke.

CDG software library - starter set ONLY


CDG Player


Microphones (2-3 are needed)


Microphone cables (same # as the # of mics)


13" TV (for the singers)


13" TV stand


19" TV (or larger - for the audience)





$1,590-$2,305 TOTAL

A quick payback to say the least !!

A word about your CDG software library. DON'T kill yourself trying to put together your own "basic" library of songs by purchasing individual discs from all of the different karaoke software manufacturers. There are three "basic" CDG starter libraries that are available. The right one for you depends on your budget and the number of songs you want to have in your songbook. Here's what's available:

  1. DKK Encore 1 and 2 Average retail price - $795+$299 (525 songs)

  2. Music Maestro Club Pack Average retail price - $299 (200 songs)
  3. Sound Choice - The Foundation + Brick1 Average retail price - $800 + $215 (570 songs)

Pick ONE of these companies and get started. You might also want to purchase some individual "specialty" discs to enhance your library. Maybe buy some discs with current pop or current country to spice it up!

Now a word about microphones. Get good, reliable ones - don't go cheap. They are the most important part of a karaoke show next to speakers.

Summary: You can find karaoke every night of the week in most U.S. cities. Like it or not, karaoke has entered the arena of "mainstream entertainment". Mobile DJs are continuing to jump on the "karaoke bandwagon", adding karaoke as another integral part of their business. Don't be left out in the cold!


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