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Is the moniker associated with the United States Air Force.

"Tops in Blue" Is a show choir in the USAF. What do they have in common with DJ's? Bill Smith's Magic of Music is the answer.

Bill was a member of this elite group because of his voice. This brought him opportunities in other areas. Fronting two bands "Bridges" and "Sugar" which were Cover Bands playing all the hits. Sugar was a band in Virginia performing mostly at weddings.

Bill's voice led brides to his door. They just had to have him sing at their ceremony. So, in the early 90's, Bill started frequenting Karaoke Bars. 1996 was the year that the bug finally got too much for Bill; he started to KJ for a Multi-Operator in the Cary, North Carolina area. Seeing that the operator just didn't have his heart in it, Bill set out on his own in 1997.

Bill has a weekly Karaoke Gig at a lounge on Thursday nights that he has done since the beginning. He found the Internet to be quite interesting and this is where his success story starts.

"Surfing the web, I came across a couple of dozen sites. I just can't believe how much I have learned from others," Bill said. "The ones I found to be most helpful were DJChat.com and ProDJ.com. Looking back, I just can't believe the way I used to do things."

All of the networking paid off for Bill. He formed a business relationship with Raleigh, North Carolina's Brian Pate Productions (3-unit multi-operation). Bill met Brian right on the web, and being close, Brian offered to meet with Bill and assist him in any of his needs. Going with Brian to weddings and different events, Bill learned different techniques, ideas and styles. He also learned the little nuances of each particular event. "I had an idea of the wedding format from the band perspective, but I learned just how much there is to do when you have all the responsibility," he stated.

"The Internet has grown my business faster than I could ever imagine," Smith claims. "I thought that no one would network with me being new, and here was a guy right in my own back yard who was more than willing to assist." Bill states that he will do over 75 events this year and that 40% of them are from his web site. 30% are referrals and word of mouth and 30% are the dreaded, but needed Yellow Pages.

Since he had the Karaoke system and the DJ system. Bill has found marketing the rehearsal dinner easy and a great way to increase his sales. "Rehearsal dinners are the time that I can be interactive! I personally don't think that the reception is a place for interactivity to the point of taking the spotlight from the Bride, but the rehearsal dinner you can have fun. Let them do Karaoke, and pick up $300.00 for 3 hours quite easily." Bill also doesn't stop marketing there. He has found that niche that only a few would ever try, a Nursing Home where he does Senior Karaoke. He brings his Great Male Standards and explains that it is like Mitch Miller from the 50's, just follow the dancing ball! He uses 36" screen televisions so that the folks can see! When asked if they all get up and sing, "They don't do it much, but they all want you to sing and they sing along." He does this for a couple of hours on a Friday afternoon and the response is great.

Bill liked the network side of things so much, that he attended his first DJ Convention in Atlanta. "DJ3 was fun. I met all these people I exchange emails and postings with. I am glad that it was a little more intimate, I want to go to Atlantic City and Las Vegas, but now I won't feel so overwhelmed by all the glamour. I also want to go back to Atlanta and to Louisville, but that all depends on shows and funds!"

Bill says his greatest success story is when his friend and competition, Brian Pate called him on a Saturday and said his wife was in labor, I need someone to cover a huge Renaissance Wedding tonight. Bill was available and said he was the man. Not knowing the format for the type of wedding he was about to do, he got with Brian and went over all the details. The Bride and Groom praised Bill's performance and ability. They thought that he had done that type of wedding all of the time. (What better feeling can you have, a peer calling you to fill in for them in a time of need and coming through!)?

Bill says that he is successful because he feels that he is approachable and likable. He likes to smile and loves people. He also says that if he is booked he gets bookings for future dates by word of mouth because he assists the caller with locating a service that will fit their needs. He feels that this is a common courtesy that should be extended to the client. "They are lion hunting with a pocket knife. If I can assist them, they remember and tell people about us."

Bill Smith is married with children. (No, not Al Bundy)

19 years to his wife Faye, a daughter Nikki (who assists him most of the time) who is 17, and son P.J. who is 12.

Bill is our mobile of the month because of his commitment to his business and the networking that is involved. Delivering what is promised and showing his concern for their needs through planning is what he bases his business practices on. Detailed oriented, Bill realizes that everyone in a room is a potential client and will do what it takes to ensure his business is there for years to come. (This writer agrees, I think that Bill Smith will be around for quite a while.)

Visit him on the web at http://www.love2dj.com/magicmusic







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