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Digital DJ License In Canada
Software has been available for sometime now that has been specifically designed for DJ use. These software programs allow the DJ to copy sound recordings, in a compressed format such as MPEG - 3, onto computer hard drives. This music format is becoming more popular because the DJ can have up to 5000 songs on a laptop, eliminating the need to bring CD's and tapes to functions. Up to this time, DJ's copying sound recordings onto their computer hard drives have been unable to obtain licensing through AVLA.

We are pleased to announce that beginning in 2000, AVLA will be able to offer its DJ licenses the ability to copy sound recordings onto computer hard drives. At this time, Universal Music will not be participating in this license category through AVLA. This means that if you wish to get the new Digital DJ license from AVLA, you will not be permitted to copy any of Universal's sound recordings. We hope that Universal Music will elect to participate in the Digital DJ license in the near future.

The rate for the Digital DJ license offered by AVLA for 2000 will be $175.00, plus $25.00 administration fee, totaling $200.00 (plus applicable taxes).

Please note that the Digital DJ fee takes into consideration the exclusion of Universal Music's sound recordings. Should Universal Music elect to take part in this license, the fee will then increase to $250.00, plus administration fee of $25.00, totaling $275.00.

AVLA has offered to amend the agreements of the CDJA and CARDMO to allow these DJ associations to offer this type of license to their members. We do not know at this time if either association will take AVLA up on this offer. Please contact your association to discuss this matter with them.

In the event that your DJ association does not amend it's agreement with AVLA and you want to copy music onto computer hard drives, you will then need to license directly with AVLA. To become a direct AVLA licensed DJ, please contact our office.

Roz Menagh
Audio-Video Licensing Agency Inc.

AudioReQuest Redefines the Way You DJ Music!

The revolutionary AudioReQuest audio component encodes, stores, and plays all popular digital compression audio formats. AudioReQuest easily encodes audio compact discs into compressed MP3 files directly from it's CD player tray. Music enthusiasts with collections of analog audio formats such as cassettes and LP records can digitally encode their favorite selections through an analog Line-In input. AudioReQuest also accepts Internet music download through a PC connection. An incredible 300 hours of high quality digital music can be stored and organized in each audio component and future models possibly holding over 600 hours of music. AudioReQuest allows entire music collections to be arranged and saved in playlists. All your music is accessible from one central location. AudioReQuest also provides another fun feature: connect it to your video projector and watch funky animations bounce to the beat of songs as they play! It could replace your lightshow.


  • Plays MPEG Layer 3 (MP3) and Windows Media Audio (WMA) format songs and other popular audio compression standards.

  • Stores up to 300 hours of high quality audio.
  • Familiar CD controls and features: Play, Pause, Scan, Track Search, Repeat Play, Random Play, and Intro Play.
  • CD drive plays and encodes CD's to compressed formats.
  • Plays audio formats directly from CD-R and CD-RW, including MP3.
  • Stereo Analog line input allows other music sources to be encoded as well (LP, Cassette, 8-track, DAT, MD, etc.).
  • Stereo Analog RCA audio output. S-Video and composite video output.
  • Playlists categorize and organize your favorite music.
  • Parallel port connection for easy transfer of existing MP3 collections from PC and portable MP3 players.
  • USB Connection to MP3 portables, car players and PC.
  • Connection to TV provides graphical interface for playlist editing and navigation, as well as display of animated visuals.
  • Transfer images and digital photos from a PC to personalize and enhance playlists and/or visual effects.
  • Optional wireless keyboard provides easier text input of song information.
  • Updateable software to add additional compression formats (AAC, MPEG4, etc.) and features.

Ordering information http://st14.yahoo.com/audiorequest/

ConnectSound Launches the Next Generation in Pro-Audio Retailing

Newtown Square, PA, November 11, 1999 --- ConnectSound, Inc., a division of mVest Technology Solutions, Inc., is an innovative new business providing e-commerce solutions for the sound products industry with an initial focus on an Internet retail web site (www.connectsound.com) replete with an extensive technical data warehouse.

Their revolutionary web site offers the first of its kind online shopping experience for Pro Audio and A/V products for people and groups such as churches, DJs and musicians. People can simply type www.connectsound.com into their web browser and instantly search for various products then easily purchase the items or pre-packaged systems directly from the web site. The buying process is secure, hassle free and quick.

ConnectSound visitors can also use a state of the art Configurator that utilizes expert system software and automatically assembles and configures sound reinforcement systems over the Internet. The customer simply has to answer a short series of questions and the Configurator rapidly formulates a system with the exact equipment and connectors (i.e., mixers, filters, speakers, plugs, EQs, microphones, enhancers, etc..) that will provide a complete sound system solution. The Configurator takes the mystery and guess work out of the buying experience.

In conjunction with ConnectSound's instant shopping and configuration capabilities, the web site contains an extensive technical data warehouse that viewers can use to find information on various sound issues. The objective is to become the industry's leading and most comprehensive information bank for the sound products industry.

Mark Loschiavo, Co-Founder, President and COO of ConnectSound, commented, "Music has always been a passion of mine and it is outstanding to harness the power of the Internet in order to benefit the sound products industry. I strongly believe our tagline says it all as www.connectsound.com is the place "Where Technology and Sound Connect".

"By utilizing our business principles and focusing on technological development, we have created a forward moving company with a keen vision for success in the sound products industry," added J. Chris Henry,

Co-Founder and Senior Vice President of ConnectSound. "We will continue to use our e-commerce capabilities to aid the industry."

Patrick Conneen, ConnectSound's Director of Sales & Marketing, stated, "We have made a dedicated commitment to rapidly grow our business and add to our strong staff of industry experts in order to aid our customer service. Conneen, who utilizes his sound products expertise to spearhead the marketing campaigns, added, "We will continue to invest significant time and resources to market ConnectSound as we are constantly looking to the future success of the company."





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