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Letters To The Editor



I don't honestly know why anybody would want to go to another DJ message board when you got the best, right here! Seriously. Any questions/concerns or any topic you can think about, gets answered here. What more can you possibly want? I can see why it would improve one's formula for success with their business. Thanks Sid, the crew of DJ Chat and everyone here. You really make this the place happening and the place to be. Amen.


From what I've seen, your websites are terrific! I'll continue to look  around. I'm encouraged by the professionalism I've seen on your pages. I'll  be happy to give you any input you desire.

Thanks again for the hospitality and kind compliments.

I look forward to our future association. 

At Your Service,

Mark Ferrell
Creative Answers/MarBecca Entertainment and Consulting


Just wanted to say this because I don't think you hear it enough.  Your efforts at DJChat have enabled me to double my DJ income, made me a better performer and one of the busiest DJs in our city.  I don't have to tell you the financial impact that has made on my family.  I know this is a business for you but it has made a big difference and helped people in ways you probably don't think about enough.  Thank you!




Bill James


MAJOR KUDOS to Promo Only! As some of you know, our company van was broken into at a restaurant on Thursday evening. I won't go into the details, but part of what was taken was our Promo Only Mainstream Radio discs and the rest of our 90's CD's. We called Promo Only Friday morning to see about getting Mainstream Series discs back to January 1996. Though they don't normally ship overnight, because we were burglarized, Jim Robinson and his staff agreed to pull the discs and send them Federal Express overnight next-day delivery -- they arrived this morning at 11:30 AM -- in time for the wedding we're doing this evening. And Jim even gave us a discount on them because ours were stolen. What a guy! What a company! When things are looking the bleakest, its people like Jim Robinson -- and companies like Promo Only -- that come through and help make everything better! Thank you Jim, and thank you Promo Only!


 Scott & Doreen Susor
"Your DJ" Mobile DJ Service
Houston, Texas


First of all we would like to thank Sid for the article he put in on our new Karaoke Product call the "SingClean" Mic Santizer & Holster. This is a new product and we can use all the help we can get. We tried to thank Sid by e-mail via subs@djzone.com, but it would not go through. He did a very nice job on the article. We stumbled across it by going through Yahoo.

How can we link to your Mall or site, and how does this work to advertise with you? 

Thank you again. 


Earthbound Designs 
Web Site: www.singclean.com


I would like to just make a comment. Your website is the greatest site that I found in my searches of wedding information for DJ's and the music you have to chose from is nice. I love the way you can listen to the little bits of the music, it brings back alot of oldies that you don't hear anymore. I have recommended you website to a lot of people, only because I am so amazed with it. Know one else has anything like that to offer.

Thanks so much for your greatest effort you have put into your website. It;s the best!!!!!!!!



Jill Willis


First and foremost thank you. Thank you for the time you spend to make this board all that it is. Thanks to your families for understanding the time you spend away from them to make this board all that it is. This board has always been open to all without regards to association, opinion, years experience in DJing or any of the other of hundreds of ways you could separate people. You have constantly strived to improve not only the quality and quantity of the information here, you have also put in many many hours to keep the board (actually I should say"boards") running smoothly and efficiently. When you offer something free to someone its kind of hard to believe that some would think you are an open target. Remember it is only a small (very small) minority, the majority of us respect and acknowledge your hard work and positive reflections of the DJ industry. Don't let a few ruin your hard work. DJs' need your kind of effort and work ethic.

American Disc Jockey Association
Edward W. Price
Vice President



Sid- First, I'm very, VERY, appreciative of he work you have done. I
enjoyed meeting you at Mid-America this year, and have enjoyed your
internet activities as well.



Good luck and keep up the great work with the site.

Jose G


P.S. I am glad to know I am not the only one awake at 4 o'clock in the morning!!


Dear Sid,

Just ran into your site. (thanks to a mention from Tony V at ADJA on an e-mail). Enjoyed your links. Can't wait 'til your fully operational. Already used a link to find a CD reference book. Also like your cake diagram. Wish I could use a "Copy" function and print it. Oh well. Thanks for the tips.


SKM Entertainment-Phx




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