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Aug 98 / Sept 98

Oct 98 / Nov 98


Games: Bubble Gum Relay/ Mummy Wrap/ Freeze Dance

Marketing: Color or Black & White?

Weddings: Extra little things that you can and should be able to do.

Doing the biz: How to survive as a single operator in a multi-operator jungle.

Gear Tech: Amp Hookups


Gear Review: Gobo changers

Book Review: Stacy Zemon's Mobile DJ Handbook



Games: What is a Walla Balla and a half dozen thing t do with one.

Marketing: How to get those organization and club gigs

Karaoke: A new flu is spreading are your singers getting it?

Doing the biz: Setting up a vendor referral network

Gear Tech: How to choose a mixer. Tips from the pros

Conventions: 1998 DJ Times DJ Expo In AC


Gear Review: Vocopro Twister

Book Review: Jeff Greene's Green Book

Dec 98 / Jan 99

Feb 99 / Mar 99


Doing the biz: Why attend DJ Conventions and how to do it the smart way.

Music: It's Hot! It's Swing, and we have all you need to know here.

Weddings: Bridal Shows are they for you? Tips from the experts.

Marketing: Drop them a card. It costs less than 32 cents and it's worth a bundle.

Games: What are you doing for holiday parties? A new list of tons of games you can play.

Conventions: Mobile Beat Las Vegas Show. A Gamble worth taking.

Gear Tech: Back up systems, a necessity.

Karaoke: The words are wong. What's up?


Awards: The Third annual American Disc Jockey Awards are on tap in Vegas.

Music: Swing This the CDs Reviewed. With Real Audio samples and on-line ordering.

Gear: World's First Professional Double MD Recorder/Player.


Did You Know?: Strange but true facts about things in our industry.



Doing the biz: How much do you charge
Tim Hazlewood

Weddings: How and what to play for a gay wedding/commitmentDJ Skippy

Marketing: Why Some Sales Cover Letters Sell, And Most Sales Cover Letters UnsellA. Segail

Games: Give yourself some new games for the new year we have another ten from our game master.

Conventions: L.A. NAMM 99
Sid Vanderpool

Celebrations : Gemini's 25th Anniversary Party at NAMM

DJ Health: Ey? Your hearing and noise.Nathan Jacobs

Gear Tech: Basic Speaker Design.
Dave Yantz

Karaoke: Creating a balance
Rebecca- Karaoke Kraze

Laugh Trax: What to do at a DJ convention when the sound system sucks!
Monty Jacobs


Awards: The Third annual American Disc Jockey AwardsGary Orr

Shows: The lowdown on Mobile Beat Las Vegas show
Sid Vanderpool

Gear: More on the Denon MD- An overview & review.
Steven M. Fernino


Apl 99 / May 99

Jun 99 / Jul 99


Doing the biz: Recording Industry in Denial

Weddings: "It's a nice day for a White Wedding?"

Marketing: It's in the cards.

Conventions: DJ World 99 Niagra Falls, Canada

DJs of the World: The Thames Valley Disc Jockey Association holds Shownite 99.

21st Century DJ : Digital Business Cards

Tech Talk: Bi-amping basics.

Karaoke: New Karaoke Moive!!!

DJ Software: DART PRO 98, a professional recording, restoration and editing solution for audio professionals

Music: Something new for your ceremony/prelude/dinner selection

Gear Tech: This month Steve checks out the Crest CA-9 Amplifier.



Doing the biz: You will soon be able to record your CD legally!

MP3:  RIAA wake up! What MP3 download threat?

The Wire: Computers might be a bands best friend.

Associations: Ask not what you can do....

Newszone: Bits of industry news

Weddings: Cut the cake with a new song

Marketing: It's in the cards part 2.

Conventions: Why the Mid America DJ Convention?

DJs of the World: Moore's Mutterings

Radiozone: Tongue tied? Joel can help.

21st Century DJ : Two Pentiums and a Microphone

Tech Talk: Compressor What?

Karaoke: Karaonics the new way to speak at karaoke.


DJ Profiles: Music In Motion

DJ Software: A look at MP3 software readily available for download off the Net

Music: Something new for your ceremony/prelude/dinner selection

Clubzone: A spotlight on UK's Mezzanine

DJzone Labs: Preview the new Gemini CD240

Aug 99/Sep 99

Oct 99/Nov 99


Doing the biz: DJ Web Sites: Revisited

21st Century DJ : Pine's "Mp3 CD" Player

MP3 News :  Visiosonic, Yahoo, more!

The Wire: Hot DJ & Music News

Gear Zone: Read about new gear here first!

Web Presence: Advice from an expert

Marketing: Give your site a facelift

Conventions: DJ Times Expo...the original.

DJs of the World: Moore's Mutterings

Radiozone: Relatability and Content

Tech Talk: What is that?

Tech Talk 2: Cables: The Final Component

Karaoke:  The Scoop on Fest '99


21st Century DJ Software: Visiosonic's 1200SL

DJ Profiles: Elite Entertainment

Music: It's a New Dance that even I can do

DJzone Labs: EV Sx80 Speaker


Doing the biz: Licensed To Spin

DJ Wishbook : All the new toys from your favorite manufacturers.

21st Century DJ : New MP3 CD Player

MP3 News :  Visiosonic, Yahoo, more!

Hot Wire: Hot DJ & Music News

Marketing: Minorities, a Business Opportunity


DJs In Class: Teacher/DJ, it works

Radiozone: Remembering a legend

Tech Talk: Why B-Amp?

Did You Know: Smoke detectors

Perspectives : Music's Future

Karaoke:  Hey Mobile DJs...


DJ Profiles: Magic Music

Music: UK music invades US

DJzone Labs: Gemini CD-240 Roadtest

Jan/Feb 2000

Mar/Apl 2000

Doing the biz: Website = Business Tool

21st Century DJ : NAMM's best kept secrets

MP3 :  A beginners course!

Hot Wire: NAMM Hot DJ & Music News

Gear Zone: NAMM 2000

Got the Power: New Powered Speakers

Marketing: Becoming a networking Guru!


  • NAMM...LA's Music Fest.

  • NAMM...Sell The Sizzle

Shots Fired!: A scarey side of NAMM

Radiozone: Why is everyone waiting...

Tech Talk: Should you care about clipping?

Did You Know: Mini Discs... how they do that.

Perspectives : Music's Future

ClubZone : CD DJing


Karaoke:  The Sound Choice

Top Karaoke: The January/February Top 50


DJzone Labs: Tascam CD-302

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